Is it safe to use a chafing fuel indoors?

Is it safe to use chafing fuel indoors? Many chafing fuel providers will say it is absolutely safe to use chafing fuel indoors, but is it really a safe way to keep food warm? I would say absolutely not. Many others agree with me including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

In 2011, Madigan started a war against the use of chafing fuels. Chafing fuels are inherently dangerous in nature. They use a flame to heat water to produce steam to heat food. That is not taking into account the hazardous chemicals which chafing fuels burn.

chafing fuel

What could go wrong

Almost every chef or event planner has been part of a nightmare scenario when a guest was injured by a chafing fuel or has had a guest come extremely close to injured by a chafing fuel. One chef told me he once had a event nearly canceled, because a chafing fuel was knocked over and caught the table cloth on fire.
Another chef told me, she had a young girl nearly caught her hair on fire while going through the food line. If you talk to chefs across America, you will find story after story about chafing fuel accidents or near misses.
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The Safer Way to Heat Food

There have been many attempts to replace chafing fuels, but chafing fuels have continued to be the main source for caterers. Heating Without Fire with the EcoHeat warmers is the best alternative for the dangerous chafing fuels. EcoHeat warmers are an air activated warmer which keeps the food at the perfect temperature while keep all guest safe.
Many lives have been greatly effected by chafing fuel accidents. This needs to stop! Chafing fuels are not safe, indoors or outdoors!