Why Should You Invest in Eco-Friendly Catering Heaters?
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Why Should You Invest in Eco-Friendly Catering Heaters?

Eco-Friendly businesses – what started as a mere trend has now turned into profitable a business decision, that has not only been cost-effective but also benefits the environment by reducing our carbon imprint on the planet.

More and more business are trying to become sustainable and are reworking their policies and process of operation by incorporating eco-friendly services and products into their business models.

The catering industry is also not far behind and is quickly catching up by investing in and offering eco-friendly and sustainable services and products to their customers.

More and more caterers are attempting to go green by introducing eco-friendly catering heaters, reducing food waste, using energy efficient appliances, and a lot more.

While turning a catering business into an eco-friendly organization is not that difficult, caterers often face difficulties in procuring eco-friendly catering heaters as there are not many options available in the market.

This is where the EcoHeat system from Heating Without Fire wins the round. Currently, chafing fuel is widely used by caterers as a catering heater to keep the food warm during outdoor events.

However, undeniably these chafing fuels pose the safety risk of starting fires. Moreover, the fumes emitted from this fuel are also not great for the environment.

All in all, chafing fuel is harmful on more than one level and catering businesses need to transition out of the practice of using this unsustainable fuel as soon as possible.

What is the EcoHeat System?

The EcoHeat catering heaters are hailed as the future of heating as they make use of neither fire, water, nor electricity to keep the food warm and tasty. So, there is no risk of a fire breaking out when you are using EcoHeat catering heaters at events and parties.

The EcoHeat system is made up of three essential components, namely, the EcoHeat warmers, the support system, and a customizable skirt that is used to cover the chafing dish. These three elements come together to provide consistent heat to keep the food warm for a long time.

How Does this System Work?

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the Heat Factory, are high temperature, air-activated warmers, which when arranged on the support system provided a consistent amount of heat to the chafing dishes.

Once you place the warmers on the support system and place the chafing dish above it, the EcoHeat warmers will provide consistent heat due to oxidation.

So, there is no risk of a fire breaking out when you use these eco-friendly catering heaters, unlike the hazardous and unsustainable chafing gels and fuels. It is also easy to dispose of the EcoHeat warmers without creating toxic waste that harms the environment.

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Why Should Caterers Use Eco-Friendly Catering Heaters?

Here are the reasons why a catering business must consider investing in eco-friendly catering heaters.

1.Improves the Image of the Business:

When a catering business cares about protecting the environment, it helps the organization improve its reputation. Likewise, the customers think that all your business decisions have been taken keeping in mind the end goal of saving the environment.

They also assume that much care and scrutiny has been put into making the menu and the associated appliances ecologically sustainable and limiting waste.

This will attract more environmentally concerned customers and prompt them to the caterer. The customers also expect you to invest more in ecologically sustainable products like eco-friendly catering heaters.

Going green also helps in giving the business an edge in the uber-competitive market as customers will opt for a catering service that not only provides quality food but also cares about the planet.


It is true that the initial costs of making your catering business eco-friendly may seem high, but in the long run, it is worth the investment. If you opt for eco-friendly food warmers and energy-efficient appliances, it will save a significant amount of your costs in the long run.

Moreover, there will also be less safety risks if your employees are not using hazardous materials like chafing gels while preparing food.

3.Healthier Environment:

Using ecologically sustainable catering heaters and energy-efficient appliances will not only benefit your business and improve profitability, but your employees and clients will also be safer and healthier in the long term.

Chafing gel or fuel, which is widely used for heating chafing dishes at outdoor and indoor events, emit toxic fumes, which not only mixes with the food being served but is also inhaled by the employees and the guests visiting the food counter.

However, eco-friendly catering heaters like EcoHeat warmers do not emit such fumes and therefore can keep the environment healthy, thus preventing the employees and clients from getting sick.

4.Promotes Sustainability of the Environment:

By investing in eco-friendly catering heaters and other products you will not only be reducing the amount of energy consumed while providing the catering services, but will also reduce waste, thereby reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

That helps attract customers, who are concerned about the environment while also saving our planet from increased pollution levels.


These are some of the reasons why more and more caterers are opting for eco-friendly catering heaters to promote sustainable business choices.

While it certainly is a challenge to make the business ecologically sustainable and adopt environmentally conscious practices, it will in the long-term help you by lowering the utility bills, bettering your reputation, and increasing overall profits.