EcoHeat Warmers: The Best Alternative for Catering Sterno

EcoHeat Warmers: The Best Alternative for Catering Sterno

For decades, sterno buffet kits have been used for the purpose of keeping food warm during events and parties held outdoors. Sterno kits contain inflammable chafing fuel in each unit, which can be used to light a fire for keeping the food warm. Fire from the catering sterno is used to keep food items hot during the event, so that warm and tasty dishes can be served to the guests and attendees.

Sterno kits have been used widely by the catering industry over the years, and they have made the task of serving food at outdoor parties much easier. With sterno kits, one can forgo the need for an indoor kitchen and the associated kitchen equipment, such as gas stoves and burners to keep the food warm. This has enabled generations of caterers to serve delicious, tasty food to their clients, regardless of the locale or the weather.

While useful, catering sterno kits also have their share of problems and issues. Some of the problems associated with these products have been mentioned below.

  • Catering sternos make use of open flames, which can start a fire at the venue and thus endanger the lives of guests and staff members, alike. The threat of a conflagration is always present when open flames are used for any purpose.
  • Catering sterno kits emit toxic fumes from the burning of the chafing fuel. s These fumes can cause serious health problems in all those who are exposed to it.
  • Sterno warmers need to be constantly watched and monitored by the staff to ensure that the fire does not go out, the heat remains consistent and that nothing in the vicinity catches fire by accident. Even the slightest negligence could prove disastrous for the hosts as well as the caterers.
  • Catering sterno kits are also known to be harmful to the environment. The chafing fuel used is both toxic and non-biodegradable. When it is disposed of, the residue can poison the environment and cause ecological problems in the area.
  • Sterno warmers also create a risky and unhealthy work environment for the catering staff. They have to constantly inhale toxic fumes from the chafing fuel. Moreover, the open flames pose a constant fire hazard which could be a threat to many lives.
  • Sterno kits are also relatively difficult to set up, and the waste materials are hard to dispose of after the event is over. Because of the environmental hazard, caterers have to be careful about where they are dumping the used chafing fuel.

Fire Free EcoHeat Warmers as an Alternative to Catering Sterno

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the US-based Heat Factory, is the perfect solution to the problems posed by catering sterno. This heating system can keep food warm during parties and events, without the need for open flames or the toxic fumes that are part and parcel of catering sterno units. Hence, they offer health, taste, safety, and all the benefits of sterno kits without any of the drawbacks, which has made them the ideal choice for modern caterers.

The components of the EcoHeat fire-free warmers are:

  • The Warmers: The primary component of one such unit is the large, air-activated warmer that can achieve very high temperatures. Containing iron-powder, salt, vermiculite, and charcoal, these warmers can be activated through the process of oxidation, without the need for any open flames.
  • The Support: The proprietary supports, made in America, are an essential part of this fire-free heating unit. These metallic supports are used to put the warmers in place so that they can provide high and consistent heat for a longer duration of time, making them essential for longer parties and events.
  • The Customizable Skirt: This insulated skirt, also made in America. Moreover, it can be customized so as to display the logo of a catering company, which would help in branding as well as fulfilling the more practical needs and applications. Thus, you will have a chafing dish that also doubles as a brand ambassador for your company.

Some advantages of EcoHeat’s warmers have been listed below:

  • They do not make use of open flames, which makes them infinitely safer than catering sterno and ensures that they do not pose any kind of a fire hazard.
  • The EcoHeat warmers also do not emit any toxic fumes which can be harmful to the health of guests or caterers.
  • The air-activated warmers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which makes them easy to dispose of after use.
  • They do not make use of fire, water, or electricity, and can be set up easily and quickly regardless of the venue.

In Conclusion

These are some of the reasons why EcoHeat warmers are considered to be the best alternative for catering sterno units. These environmentally friendly, fire-free warmers are a must-have for all ecologically conscious catering businesses.

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