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How Do EcoHeat Warmers Serve As Eco-Friendly Fire Free Heating Systems?

Catering businesses around the world need reliable and affordable food heating system to stay relevant in their business. Outdoor parties have long been popular among event organizers as well as their clients. People enjoy the unrestrained natural ambiance offered by an outdoor venue. Such venues are especially sought after when the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

Fire Free Heating Systems

The Need for Outdoor Food Warmers

Traditionally, catering companies have used Sterno warmers to keep food items warm during parties and events held outdoors. Sterno warmers use chafing fuel to create a fire which is then used to heat the dishes. For years, this has been the most common way caterers have used for heating food at events.

Fire Free Heating Systems

Fire Free Heating: The Safer and More Responsible Alternative

The fire-free warmers manufactured by Eco Heat present a safe and responsible alternative to the Sterno warmers. Eco Heat’s fire-free heating system makes use of large, air-activated warmers which provide consistently high temperatures through a process known as oxidation.