Why Should You Opt for EcoHeat Warmers Over Sterno Buffet Kits?

Why Should You Opt for EcoHeat Warmers Over Sterno Buffet Kits?

Traditionally, caterers have used sterno buffet kits to keep food warm during a party or event. Undoubtedly, these kits have served their purpose over the years and have been a solution to a major problem – the problem of how to keep food items warm and delicious during hours-long outdoor events.

No host would want to serve cold and stale food items to his or her guests. At the same time, it is difficult to keep food items at an optimum temperature during a long outdoor party in winter. For years, the solution to this problem has been provided by sterno buffet kits which make use of open flames and chafing fuel to keep the food warm.

Sterno Buffet Kits – Why it is Not a Safe Option?

While these sterno buffet kits have been of much use over the years, they also come with some pretty serious drawbacks that are rarely talked about. Some of these drawbacks of the sterno buffet kit has been listed and discussed below.

  • Fire Hazard: Open flames in an event venue will always be a fire hazard, an accident waiting to happen. Chafing fuel accidents are by no means rare, and every caterer has had some experience with the risks associated with sterno buffet kits. Such a buffet kit needs to be constantly monitored during the event, to ensure that something is not going wrong. Even a minor oversight might cause huge losses of life and property.
  • Toxic Fumes: The chafing fuel used to operate a sterno buffet kit releases fumes that are both unhealthy and unpleasant. These chafing fuel fumes can fill the venue with an unpleasant odor, making guests and staff members uncomfortable. This can be a major problem if the event venue itself is not particularly well ventilated. The addition of chafing fuel fumes in such a place could lead to a suffocating and wretched ambiance.
  • Environmental Problems: Chafing fuel is also harmful to the environment when it is disposed of at the end of its life-cycle. When the container is thrown away after use, the liquid or gel still inside it often leaks out and seeps into the soil. This leftover fuel is harmful and toxic and can subsequently end up in the drinking water of the locality, which can pose a major health risk for the residents of the area.
  • Risky Work Environment: Using flames to keep the food warm can make for a very risky work environment, wherein workers are constantly faced with the possibility of a sudden conflagration. Even with the strictest safety standards, the possibility of a fire is never truly eliminated, due to the open flames that must burn for hours on end. Therefore, replacing the Sterno buffet kits with a fire-free heating source could be a major blessing for those working in the catering industry.

Fire-Free Heating for Outdoor Events

The fact that food needs to be kept warm during parties and events is not debatable. However, the source of that warmth and heat can and should be debated, for the safety and wellbeing of all concerned. This is where the concept of fire-free heating must be given some serious consideration. One such fire-free heating solution comes in the form of EcoHeat Warmers by Heat Factory.

These EcoHeat warmers can keep the food items warm and tasty over a number of hours, even as the party or event is in full swing. The warmers do not use open flames or fire of any kind, nor do they make use of the dangerous and odor generating chafing fuel. Therefore, it can be said that these EcoHeat warmers will soon revolutionize the catering industry by making it far safer and more efficient. EcoHeat warmers also have the benefit of being both eco-friendly and highly cost-effective.

The innovative air-activated warmers are the central feature of this fire-free, water-free heating mechanism. These food warmers emanate offer consistent high temperatures over quite a large surface consistently. EcoHeat offers air-activated warmers that are both light and efficient, making them extremely easy to use. These warmers consist of a biodegradable mixture of various elements such as vermiculite, iron-powder, salt, and charcoal.

This mixture ensures that whenever the air-activated warmers are exposed to the air, they undergo oxidation, which in turn produces the heat needed to keep the food items warm without lighting a fire. This safe method of heat generation is what makes EcoHeat’s warmers so much superior to the sterno buffet kits that are still widely used by caterers. In addition to the warmers, a support system and a customizable skirt are also included in the fire-free heating kit sold by EcoHeat.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the main reasons why you should opt for EcoHeat warmers over the dangerous and environmentally harmful sterno buffet kits. To know more about the air-activated warmers and the associated technology, you should visit the website and check out some of the videos for detailed information on the product and also see how to use it properly for serving warm food to the guests.

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