How Do EcoHeat Warmers Serve As Eco-Friendly Fire Free Heating Systems?

How Do EcoHeat Warmers Serve As Eco-Friendly Fire Free Heating Systems?

Catering businesses around the world need reliable and affordable food heating system to stay relevant in their business. Outdoor parties have long been popular among event organizers as well as their clients. People enjoy the unrestrained natural ambiance offered by an outdoor venue. Such venues are especially sought after when the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

However, outdoor event venues also present certain unique challenges. Chief among them is the problem of trying to keep the food warm while the party is in progress. Outdoor venues don’t usually come equipped with gas lines and the other amenities available in an indoor kitchen. Hence, keeping the food items warm and toasty can be a challenge for the caterers.

The Need for Outdoor Food Warmers

Traditionally, catering companies have used Sterno warmers to keep food items warm during parties and events held outdoors. Sterno warmers use chafing fuel to create a fire which is then used to heat the dishes. For years, this has been the most common way caterers have used for heating food at events. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that burning chafing fuel may have an adverse impact on the environment as well as harming the health of everyone in the vicinity.

Chafing fuel emits toxic fumes when burned, which can cause respiratory complications in the guests as well as the catering staff. Moreover, this fuel harms the environment and pollutes the soil and groundwater when it is disposed of after use. As Sterno warmers create an open flame meant to keep the food warm, they also pose a fire hazard which could endanger the lives of everyone present at the venue. If left unmonitored for even a short period of time, the flames created by the Sterno warmer could spread quickly, starting a fire which would pose a danger to life and property.

Fire Free Heating: The Safer and More Responsible Alternative

The fire-free warmers manufactured by EcoHeat present a safe and responsible alternative to the Sterno warmers. EcoHeat’s fire-free heating system makes use of large, air-activated warmers which provide consistently high temperatures through a process known as oxidation. This heating system does not rely on an open flame, nor does it emit any fumes. Thus, the risk of accidents is greatly diminished. Health concerns are also quite non-existent when it comes to these eco-friendly warmers.

Sterno Alternative

This fire-free heating system from EcoHeat has three primary components. These are:

  • The warmers: These warmers are large and generate much heat when exposed to the air through a process known as oxidation. This heat is produced without the use of any flames. The lack of an open fire makes this appliance safer than a Sterno heater.
  • The supports: The fire-free heating system from EcoHeat comes with a set of American-made proprietary supports on which the dishes containing food items can be placed. These supports help maximize the supply of heat and enhance the duration of use.
  • The customizable skirt: This insulated skirt is a world-class American-made product that can be customized with the logo of the catering company. By using this skirt, one can turn a chafing dish into an advertisement without sacrificing functionality.

The fire-free heating system also offers several advantages. Some of these have been listed below.

  1. They are safer: As no open flames are used for heating purposes, there is no risk that surrounding objects might catch fire if the device is left unmonitored, leading to a conflagration which may destroy lives and property.
  2. They are eco-friendly: The EcoHeat warmers are made from ingredients such as charcoal, salt, iron-powder, and vermiculite, all of which are natural and biodegradable. Hence, unlike chafing fuel, these warmers do not pollute the environment.
  3. They are easier to set up: EcoHeat’s fire-free heating system is extremely easy to set up and dismantle after the event. This helps the catering company save a lot of time and labor, which would otherwise have been spent setting up the equipment before a party and packing it up later.
  4. They are easier to dispose of: As these warmers do not contain any pollutants which could harm the surrounding ecology, They can be disposed of easily and quickly with no long-term ramifications. The used warmers can also be made into compost.
  5. They are affordable: EcoHeat warmers can be operated without fire, water, or electricity. They are also extremely durable and quite inexpensive. Hence, this fire-free heating system can be used in venues that do not have any electrical sockets or great water supply. This makes them highly affordable and functional in all types of situations.

In Conclusion

Hence, it can be concluded that the fire-free heating system manufactured by EcoHeat serves as a safer and more eco-friendly alternative to Sterno heaters. All catering companies should invest in a set of fire-free EcoHeat warmers in order to enhance long-term profitability.

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