Bridal Show: What to look for!

When attending a Bridal show there is a lot to look at. You must go in prepared with a list of items which need to be accomplished. Bridal shows can be a great tool for planning the perfect wedding day, but what are the important items which need to be addressed?

1. A) Find the right caterer! 1. B) Find the right venue!
2. A photographer can make or break your wedding!
3. Be sure to grab the coupons for special show deals! – Take advantage of these discounts!
4. When it comes to heating the food, choose EcoHeat!

1A) Finding the right caterer is a must for a bridal show! There will be countless caterers who attend the show competing for the business of each bride (and groom) who attend the show. Caterers know what will impress each type of bride. Make sure to taste test everything! The portions will be small, but the food will be GOOD!
1B) Find the right venue! Venues are more difficult than finding the right caterer. One issue to try to avoid is a combination venue and caterer. This can get expensive QUICK! I know of a certain venue which charged $10 per person for hors-d’oeuvres. Thes hors d’oeuvres consisted of crackers and cheese. Not the starter everyone was hoping for.
Instead, find a venue who allows for any caterer or at least a list of caterers which to choose from. This allows for a more personalized catered event.
Be sure to check the max capacity of the venue! There is nothing worse than a venue which is too small for your wedding! Oh, and a dance floor is a must! Everyone loves to break loose a little bit by dancing the night away!
2) How many times have you looked through a Facebook album of someone’s wedding? Com’mon, we all have done it. The “Oh I LOVE That!” and the “Oh what is going on there!” I know I have. A wedding photographer can make your wedding look amazing, or the opposite. When it comes to finding the perfect person or company to shoot your wedding, it comes down to 2 things, 1. Do you trust the person or company? This is important because the photographer will be part of every single part of your wedding day. 2. Is the price right? This can depend on the level of services which are being offered. From multiple angles to photos and videos.
3) Don’t forget to grab coupons or show specials! Some companies will deeply discount to try to sway your decision towards them. Grab coupons to many different booths, some companies will honor other company coupons to bring you in as a customer of theirs. It never hurts to ask!
4) Choose to heat your food with EcoHeat. When your guests arrive to see no flame and do not smell the awful methanol or ethanol smell coming from the fuels burning under your food. EcoHeat is the perfect heating source for any wedding! The EcoHeat warmers provide the perfect amount of heat while keeping every person safe. Tell your choice of caterer, “I want EcoHeat at my wedding!”

By: Logan Hayford

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