Move Over Sterno Warmers, the Future of Heating is Here

Sterno Alternative

The catering industry regularly makes use of outdoor food heating technology and devices. Outdoor events and parties are quite popular and common. Therefore, it is essential for catering service providers to be able to offer guests hot and tasty food items throughout the duration of the event. This is made possible with the use of heating devices and equipment which help keep the food hot and fresh during outdoor parties, regardless of the weather.

Traditional Food Heating Methods

Traditionally, caterers have used Sterno warmers to keep the food hot during parties and events that were held outdoors. These warmers use open flames to heat the food items. The flames are kept burning with the help of chafing fuel, which is usually contained in a can within the Sterno warming kit. Sterno warmers are used largely for the purpose of buffet heating, and they are very popular among caterers. However, despite their popularity, Sterno warmers can be quite dangerous and harmful to the environment.

The Problem With Sterno Warmers

The major problem with Sterno warmers is that they make use of open flames to keep the food hot during events and parties. Needless to say, this can be quite dangerous. Open flames could easily lead to a fire in the venue, endangering the lives of everyone present. Even a moment’s neglect can cause a conflagration, when an open fire is being used to keep the food warm in the event venue.
Secondly, there can be no fire without smoke. Sterno warmers, when used, tend to fill the venue with smoke and fumes which could be harmful to the health of the attendees. These fumes are especially a problem for any person who happens to suffer from asthma or other types of ailment relating to the lungs. These toxic fumes could also create an unpleasant ambiance in the venue and impede the guests’ enjoyment of the party.

Thirdly, chafing fuel can be harmful for the environment in the long run. When Sterno warmers are disposed of, the chafing fuel often leaks into the soil or into nearby water bodies, thus spreading toxicity in the area and endangering the health of local residents. Thus, using Sterno warmers at an outdoor event or party is not merely uncomfortable but is also environmentally irresponsible.

The Future of Heating – EcoHeat Warmers

The reason that Sterno warmers have remained so popular over the years, despite their many drawbacks, is that until recently, they were the only heating option available to caterers. However, this is no longer the case. EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by Heat Factory, is the safe and eco-friendly food-heating solution that the catering industry has been waiting for.

EcoHeat warmers offer a fire-free and environmentally friendly heating solution for outdoor events. These food warmers make use of innovative technology to keep food warm and toasty without the need for fire, water, or electricity. Thus, they are completely safe and do not carry the risk of a fire whenever they are used.

This device makes use of air-activated warmers, which provide consistent high temperatures over a large area so as to keep food items warm. These air-activated warmers are also quite light and highly efficient, making them easy to carry and transport from place to place. They contain a mixture of various items such as iron-powder, charcoal, salt, and vermiculite, which is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Oxidation takes place whenever these warmers are exposed to the air, which causes them to generate a lot of heat, due to which they can be used to keep food items warm. Thus, if these air-activated warmers are placed under the food containers, there would be no need for chafing fuel or an open fire in the buffet area, which will make the event venue much safer.

Along with the aforementioned warmers, the EcoHeat kit also comes with a support system and a water pan. The air-activated warmers are placed within the support system, which in turn is contained within the water pan. Finally, an insulated skirt must be added to the setup. This skirt helps hide the chafing dishes at the base from view. Made from high-quality fabrics, this especially designed insulated skirt can fit all types of chafing dishes as well as rectangular stands. Therefore, with this EcoHeat warming kit, the task of keeping food items hot and delicious during parties has become much easier, safer, and more efficient.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the reasons why Sterno warmers are not ideal for heating food items at parties and outdoor events. Caterers should definitely consider using EcoHeat’s safe and environmentally sustainable air-activated warmers instead, for more efficient and risk-free service. Apart from greater customer satisfaction, EcoHeat’s warmers will also enable catering businesses to create better working conditions for their employees and staff members.

Five Reasons to Not Use Chafing Fuel as Catering Heaters

Not Use Chafing Fuel

It is quite exasperating to receive cold food items at an event or party to which you have been invited. The delicious looking dishes served by caterers can end up tasting awful if served cold and stale. Owing to this, the catering companies utilize open flames to serve hot food to the guests attending any outdoor event. But, all types of fuel that can create an open flame, including chafing fuel, are hazardous to human health and can also cause accidents conflagration.

Let us focus on chafing fuel and the dangers involved in utilizing it.

What is Chafing Fuel?

Chafing fuel is available as a liquid or gel fuel that can create an open flame. It usually comes in small metal containers that have varied burn time options. While some chafing fuel containers are available with a set burn time, like two, four, or six hours, others come with adjustable heat levels that can be turned up or down. Food heaters that make use of chafing fuel do not need any electricity in order to work. So, traditional chafing fuel heaters enable a caterer to serve hot food anywhere, even if there is no power outlet available.

Chafing fuel can be availed in one of two varieties – namely gel fuel and wick fuel. There are two categories of wick fuel, both of which use clean glycol. This fuel involves lower risk than gel fuel because glycol is not combustible without a wick.

On the other hand, two types of gel fuel can be found, known as ethanol (pink) and methanol (blue). This fuel can be efficiently used in windy conditions, unlike wick fuel. However, gel fuel is a highly flammable liquid that can easily cause a fire if not properly handled..

There are some potential risks associated with using conventional chafing fuel at catering events. Take a look on the reasons why you should avoid using chafing fuel as catering heaters.

Five Reasons to Shun the Use of Chafing Fuel as Catering Heaters

1.Working with Fire Poses Danger

Caterers have been using fire as the source of heat to serve hot food to their customers since the origin of chafing fuels in the early 1900s. Fire is always inconvenient to work with and involves many risks and hassles. There have been many cases of accidents while working with fire, or injuries caused by the open flames created by chafing fuel.

Moreover, catering personnel need to check the temperature of the fuel, observe if the fuel has been exhausted or not, and also check to ensure that there is water in the chafing dish that heats the pan containing the food above it. Keeping track of such miscellaneous things during an event or party can be difficult and may lead to accidents caused by negligence or absent-mindedness.

2.Emission of Smoke from Chafing Fuel Can be Harmful

The smoke released by chafing fuel when it is burned can cause respiratory and nasal irritation making for an unpleasant and potentially unhealthy situation for the guests and attendees. It can have an adverse effect on the health of those who inhale it. This poses an additional risk for the catering professionals, who are always exposed to the fumes of the chafing fuel. Inhaling these fumes can greatly harm their health and compromise their long-term well-being. So, it is better to avoid using chafing fuel for operating catering heaters.

3. Creates an Unsafe Working Environment

The food service industry has perilous working conditions that can adversely affect the workers’ health. Food-service providers such as caterers, usually use chafing fuel to keep the food items hot. But, this fuel has some disadvantages that can be quite disastrous to the people preparing and serving the food.

Gel fuel contains ethanol that dries out the skin if it remains in contact with the fuel for a long time. If this fuel is ingested by accident, the victim can get intoxicated, and it may even result in a damaged nervous system if consumed in large amounts.

Another perilous feature of this fuel is the fire that it creates in order to facilitate heating. Burning chafing fuel creates an open flame, which makes for an unsafe and hazardous working environment. Alternatively, fire-free heating equipment can be used instead of these open flame catering heaters in order to enhance safety and prioritize the health of the guests and the workers.

4. Leads to a Higher Carbon Footprint

Chafing fuel canisters are generally thrown away in unsafe conditions after being using. Sometimes, gel or liquid fuel remains inside the containers even after disposal. This leftover fuel may contaminate the soil, drinking water, and even the air that we breathe. This can cause health issues in the local residents. So, the best solution to this adverse environmental impact is to avoid using chafing fuel in catering heaters whenever possible.

5. Time Consuming and Expensive

Using chafing fuel to warm food leads to ample wastage of money and time. Caterers need approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to set up the whole food warming unit before any event. Each chafing dish takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes in order to be set up for use, and requires one or two staff members to prepare it. Additionally, before packing up, the caterers have to wait at least ten minutes to allow the fuel to cool down before expelling the hot water from the chafing dishes.

Chafing fuel can increase the costs borne by the catering business. There is huge amount of hidden cost associated with utilizing chafing fuel. First of all, considerable time wastage raises the expenses of the catering companies. Next, these companies need to be insured against fire hazards. The employees may get burnt by the open flames, or may suffer health conditions if they come into contact with the fuel while changing a chafing dish. So, getting appropriate insurance coverage is a must for catering companies, which is an additional cost that needs to be borne by them.

In Conclusion

Chafing fuel involves a lot of risk when used to operate catering heaters. Due to this reason, it is losing its popularity among the food service providers gradually. Instead, easy-to-use and fire-free heating systems, electric chafer heaters, and electric chafer warmers are widely used by caterers nowadays.

Why Should You Opt for EcoHeat Warmers Over Sterno Buffet Kits?

Opt for EcoHeat Warmers

Traditionally, caterers have used sterno buffet kits to keep food warm during a party or event. Undoubtedly, these kits have served their purpose over the years and have been a solution to a major problem – the problem of how to keep food items warm and delicious during hours-long outdoor events.

No host would want to serve cold and stale food items to his or her guests. At the same time, it is difficult to keep food items at an optimum temperature during a long outdoor party in winter. For years, the solution to this problem has been provided by sterno buffet kits which make use of open flames and chafing fuel to keep the food warm.

Sterno Buffet Kits – Why it is Not a Safe Option?

While these sterno buffet kits have been of much use over the years, they also come with some pretty serious drawbacks that are rarely talked about. Some of these drawbacks of the sterno buffet kit has been listed and discussed below.

  • Fire Hazard: Open flames in an event venue will always be a fire hazard, an accident waiting to happen. Chafing fuel accidents are by no means rare, and every caterer has had some experience with the risks associated with sterno buffet kits. Such a buffet kit needs to be constantly monitored during the event, to ensure that something is not going wrong. Even a minor oversight might cause huge losses of life and property.
  • Toxic Fumes: The chafing fuel used to operate a sterno buffet kit releases fumes that are both unhealthy and unpleasant. These chafing fuel fumes can fill the venue with an unpleasant odor, making guests and staff members uncomfortable. This can be a major problem if the event venue itself is not particularly well ventilated. The addition of chafing fuel fumes in such a place could lead to a suffocating and wretched ambiance.
  • Environmental Problems: Chafing fuel is also harmful to the environment when it is disposed of at the end of its life-cycle. When the container is thrown away after use, the liquid or gel still inside it often leaks out and seeps into the soil. This leftover fuel is harmful and toxic and can subsequently end up in the drinking water of the locality, which can pose a major health risk for the residents of the area.
  • Risky Work Environment: Using flames to keep the food warm can make for a very risky work environment, wherein workers are constantly faced with the possibility of a sudden conflagration. Even with the strictest safety standards, the possibility of a fire is never truly eliminated, due to the open flames that must burn for hours on end. Therefore, replacing the Sterno buffet kits with a fire-free heating source could be a major blessing for those working in the catering industry.

Fire-Free Heating for Outdoor Events

The fact that food needs to be kept warm during parties and events is not debatable. However, the source of that warmth and heat can and should be debated, for the safety and wellbeing of all concerned. This is where the concept of fire-free heating must be given some serious consideration. One such fire-free heating solution comes in the form of EcoHeat Warmers by Heat Factory.

These EcoHeat warmers can keep the food items warm and tasty over a number of hours, even as the party or event is in full swing. The warmers do not use open flames or fire of any kind, nor do they make use of the dangerous and odor generating chafing fuel. Therefore, it can be said that these EcoHeat warmers will soon revolutionize the catering industry by making it far safer and more efficient. EcoHeat warmers also have the benefit of being both eco-friendly and highly cost-effective.

The innovative air-activated warmers are the central feature of this fire-free, water-free heating mechanism. These food warmers emanate offer consistent high temperatures over quite a large surface consistently. EcoHeat offers air-activated warmers that are both light and efficient, making them extremely easy to use. These warmers consist of a biodegradable mixture of various elements such as vermiculite, iron-powder, salt, and charcoal.

This mixture ensures that whenever the air-activated warmers are exposed to the air, they undergo oxidation, which in turn produces the heat needed to keep the food items warm without lighting a fire. This safe method of heat generation is what makes EcoHeat’s warmers so much superior to the sterno buffet kits that are still widely used by caterers. In addition to the warmers, a support system and a customizable skirt are also included in the fire-free heating kit sold by EcoHeat.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the main reasons why you should opt for EcoHeat warmers over the dangerous and environmentally harmful sterno buffet kits. To know more about the air-activated warmers and the associated technology, you should visit the website and check out some of the videos for detailed information on the product and also see how to use it properly for serving warm food to the guests.

Heating Without Fire: A Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Fire-Free Heating System

EcoHeat Warmer Fire-Free Heating System

As anybody, who has ever planned and organized an event would know, event planning is no easy task. There are a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind and a number of individual elements that need to be properly arranged in order to organize a successful event. One of the most important things that all caterers and restaurant owners must consider is that food that is to be served to those attending the event must be tasty and warm, at all time.

A Constant Supply of Tasty and Warm Food

Be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, a range of dishes need to be prepared and served to the guests and attendees. The logistics of preparing and serving the food items can often prove to be quite complicated and difficult to manage. One of the major problems that many caterers face, is the issue of keeping the food warm for the entire duration of the event.

The caterer or restaurant owner may want to serve some snacks to his or her guests throughout the evening. However, the food items may get cold over the course of time and may become inedible and tasteless by the end. In order to prevent this from happening, caterers and restaurants in the catering business need to take the requisite precautions to ensure that the food remains hot and delicious for the entire duration of the event or party.

EcoHeat Warmers – The Ultimate Solution by The Heat Factory

This is the perfect solution to the above-mentioned problem of keeping food items hot and tasty throughout the duration of an event. EcoHeat Warmers are the latest innovation that is all set to revolutionize the catering and event-planning industries.

At the heart of this innovative fire-free heating system are the trailblazing air-activated warmers, which are quite large and have consistently high temperatures. EcoHeat’s light and efficient warmers are manufactured by USA based Heat Factory, which has over three and a half decades of experience in the production and development of air-activated warmers.

A biodegradable mixture of charcoal, iron-powder, vermiculite, and salt are some of the components of these large, high-temperature, air-activated warmers. So when these warmers are exposed to the air, they go through a process of oxidation. This oxidation process generates a consistent amount of heat that can keep the food items warm.

The EcoHeat warming kit comes with a water pan and a support system, in addition to the warmers. In order to be used, the warmers need to first be placed on the support system in the water pan. Then, the final component of this fire-free heating system must be added, which is the insulated skirt.

This skirt can be used to hide the base which holds the chafing dishes. EcoHeat’s US-made insulated skirt has a special, patent-pending design which makes use of high-end fabrics and fits almost all types of rectangular stands and chafing dishes. This kit makes the task of keeping food warm at parties quite easy, efficient, and absolutely safe.

The Problem With Using Fire to Keep the Food Hot

In order to keep the food warm at the event venue, caterers and event planners often make use of open flames and grills. However, there are many problems associated with this measure. First, it is needless to say that an open flame can be dangerous, even more so inside a crowded venue filled with guests and staff members.

Secondly, you need chafing fuel in order to keep the flame lighted over a period of time. The burning of this fuel, especially within a closed space, can generate toxic fumes that can harm the health of the attendees and cause suffocation and discomfort in the short-term. Therefore, when organizing an event, it is best to avoid using an open fire to keep the food items warm.

Another common solution is to keep a container full of boiling water under the food items. However, this can lead to excess humidity in the venue, causing discomfort to the guests. Moreover, you would still need a fire, or a source of electricity to keep the water hot. Both fire and electricity are dangerous, as they can cause accidents, hence endangering all the guests and staff members present.

Sustainable and Fire-Free Heating

Considering the above-mentioned issues, it can be said that it’s high time for restaurant owners and caterers to opt for a natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable solution that does not need electricity or an open flame to keep food warm and tasty.

For this, the perfect solution is the EcoHeat system, which produces consistent heat while ensuring optimum safety, without the need for any fire, water, or an electrical source. Thus, when using EcoHeat, the host does not need to worry about fire hazards, toxic fumes, odors, harmful waste materials, and safety protocols. Both the host and the guests can enjoy the party or event with no discomfort or fear of a mishap.

This, of course, is only because EcoHeat is an innovative and eco-friendly fire-free heating system that can keep the food items piping hot in a natural and hazard-free manner.

In Conclusion

It can, therefore, be said that all caterers and restaurant owners should opt for natural, eco-friendly, and fire-free heating systems that can keep the food warm during parties without endangering the guests and adversely affecting the environment. EcoHeat’s air-activated warmers are also easy to dispose of once they have been used, making it quite an efficient system that takes up very little time. Caterers and restaurants looking to rent catering heaters should definitely check out the many benefits of this kit before they begin to organize the next event.

Exposed Fire vs. Contained Heat

When deciding which heating source to use for your catering business you have choices. For many years, caterers did not have the option for have a contained safe heating source. Now they do!
Exposed fire heating sources can easily injury a customer, can catch a napkin or tablecloth on fire, or even cause an entire event to be canceled. For an exposed fire heating source, the best possible outcome for an event, is a pungent odor and decreased life span on chafing dishes. The worst possible outcome is someone being seriously injured. Not to mention before the fuel is lit, someone could mistake the the fuel for a jelly. Consuming a fuel could be deadly. Caterers are used to used to using these types of heating sources, mainly because they do not know there is another, safer option.
A contained heating source, like the EcoHeat System, is exceedingly safer for the caterer, for the catering staff, and the customers! The EcoHeat warmers are placed inside the water pan, out of sight and touch. The best possible outcome while using the EcoHeat warmers, is a perfect event with everyone going home happy! The worst possible outcome, is a perfect event with everyone going home happy!
When choosing a heating source, choose the best and safest heating source on the market, EcoHeat!

CaterSource 2018

The revolutionary EcoHeat system is here to change catering forever. No longer do you need water, electricity, or fire to food at the necessary temperature. From bread baskets to delivery boxes, with the EcoHeat system there are endless possibilities! We believe once you try EcoHeat you will never go back to what you used before! Contact us at 760-893-8300 or to set up an appointment, or come by at any time to see a demo of the new way to keep food warm! Check out the map above to find us at the show!

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Bridal Show: What to look for!

When attending a Bridal show there is a lot to look at. You must go in prepared with a list of items which need to be accomplished. Bridal shows can be a great tool for planning the perfect wedding day, but what are the important items which need to be addressed?

1. A) Find the right caterer! 1. B) Find the right venue!
2. A photographer can make or break your wedding!
3. Be sure to grab the coupons for special show deals! – Take advantage of these discounts!
4. When it comes to heating the food, choose EcoHeat!

1A) Finding the right caterer is a must for a bridal show! There will be countless caterers who attend the show competing for the business of each bride (and groom) who attend the show. Caterers know what will impress each type of bride. Make sure to taste test everything! The portions will be small, but the food will be GOOD!
1B) Find the right venue! Venues are more difficult than finding the right caterer. One issue to try to avoid is a combination venue and caterer. This can get expensive QUICK! I know of a certain venue which charged $10 per person for hors-d’oeuvres. Thes hors d’oeuvres consisted of crackers and cheese. Not the starter everyone was hoping for.
Instead, find a venue who allows for any caterer or at least a list of caterers which to choose from. This allows for a more personalized catered event.
Be sure to check the max capacity of the venue! There is nothing worse than a venue which is too small for your wedding! Oh, and a dance floor is a must! Everyone loves to break loose a little bit by dancing the night away!
2) How many times have you looked through a Facebook album of someone’s wedding? Com’mon, we all have done it. The “Oh I LOVE That!” and the “Oh what is going on there!” I know I have. A wedding photographer can make your wedding look amazing, or the opposite. When it comes to finding the perfect person or company to shoot your wedding, it comes down to 2 things, 1. Do you trust the person or company? This is important because the photographer will be part of every single part of your wedding day. 2. Is the price right? This can depend on the level of services which are being offered. From multiple angles to photos and videos.
3) Don’t forget to grab coupons or show specials! Some companies will deeply discount to try to sway your decision towards them. Grab coupons to many different booths, some companies will honor other company coupons to bring you in as a customer of theirs. It never hurts to ask!
4) Choose to heat your food with EcoHeat. When your guests arrive to see no flame and do not smell the awful methanol or ethanol smell coming from the fuels burning under your food. EcoHeat is the perfect heating source for any wedding! The EcoHeat warmers provide the perfect amount of heat while keeping every person safe. Tell your choice of caterer, “I want EcoHeat at my wedding!”

By: Logan Hayford

Wedding Bells: How to Keep your Wedding Perfect!

For many people, the biggest day of their lives’ is their wedding day. How many times does one thing ruin the perfect day? For some brides it can be forgetting a special part of the wardrobe, for others, it could be decorations not being in the correct placement, and for others, it could be a certain guest who was not expected. There is one way to complete halt a wedding in its tracks, a fire at the reception. This is something that could easily occur from a child knocking over a heating fuel, or perhaps a guest who has enjoyed the beverages a little too much falling into the food table.

The perfect day, the day the bride and groom have been dreaming about for months or even years, completely ruined because of a simple mistake. Replace heating fuels commonly used for food heating with the safest heating source, EcoHeat warmers. These are guaranteed to keep everyone at the even safe while providing the perfect amount of heat for the food!

Never worry again about the rowdy guest ruining the buffet line, or a child catching a napkin on fire. Focus on your day, focus on the people you have invited to your event, and focus on your significant other! Let the EcoHeat warmers focus on heating your food!

Remember it is your choice when it comes to what product heats the food at your wedding! Tell your catering specialist to use the EcoHeat System! Keep your day perfect by choosing the best heating system on the market!

By: Logan Hayford

Chafing Fuel Disposal

Disposing of hazardous chafing fuels (Sternos) is a pain for any caterer. In some states, it is illegal to dispose of these fuels in with normal trash, and the caterer can be fined if they are caught doing so. Per Sterno’s product information, all canned fuel products, “Must not be disposed together with household garbage. Do not allow product to reach sewage system.” How many times does a caterer directly throw away their used Sternos directly in the trash? I would speculate this happens everyday across the entire United States. This practice not only could result in a fine for the caterer, but could cause serious issues for the environment. In the same Sterno documentation, Sterno products classify as, “Water hazard class 1 (German Regulation) (Self-assessment): slightly hazardous for water: Do not allow undiluted product or large quantities of it to reach ground water, water course or sewage system.” I ask, should this not be monitored more often? If the nation’s largest chafing fuel brand directly says “slightly hazardous for water” and everyday thousands of chafing fuels are directly disposed of in the trash, then there needs to be something done to eradicate this issue. Finally, there is another option for caterers using chafing fuels! EcoHeat warmers are a combination of all natural ingredients that are biodegradable and safe to dispose of directly in the everyday trash. Unlike chafing fuels, the EcoHeat warmers never leak hazardous chemicals into the water system. The EcoHeat warmers are safe to use, safe to work around, and safe to dispose of in a environmentally safe way. NEVER USE A HAZARDOUS CHAFING FUEL AGAIN! Switch to the safer, and more convenient option today! Find out more information today at

The Dangers of Chafing Fuels Part 1/2: Pollution, the Hidden Gases

Carbon dioxide and monoxide have become a large topic issue in the United States in the last decade. Gasoline and Diesel cars produce a large amount of these greenhouse gases, which cause pollution in the air. On average a car emits 411 grams of Carbon Dioxide per mile driven. Though this number seems small, the average driver, in the U.S., drivers 11,400 miles per year. This is 4,685,400 grams of CO2 pollution per person in the United States! This is not anything new though. The United States is one of the most polluted Countries in the World. We know cars can cause pollution problem, but what about the other fuels which we burn?
In a study by the U.S Energy Information Administration in 2017, Diesel fuel and heating oil emit 161.3 pounds of CO2 per million Btu, while propane emits 139.0 pounds of CO2 per million Btu, and natural gas is 117.0 pounds of CO2 per million Btu. These are “cleaner” fuels but still, have a huge impact on the environment. Propane and natural gas are used for household heating and cooking. But, what about other cooking fuel? What about chafing fuels?
Many people do not realize the impact chafing fuels have on our environment. Based on a study of chafing fuels environmental impact done by Carbon Footprint LTD in 2015, each fuel used is about .7 kg of C02 emissions. This is a tiny about for only one fuel, but when each event requires 10-20 fuels, the event is having a massive impact on the environment. With over 166,000 caterers in the United States, using 10-20 fuels per event, and catering about 100 events per year on average, the impact of using chafing fuels is causing more pollution that anyone realizes. 116,864,000 kg of CO2 emissions in total for 1 year of catering. To put it into perspective, that is 280,082,761 miles driven in a gasoline car or 24,686 cars driven for a year. Chafing Fuels are hiding behind the word “green” because they are made with “clean” fuel, but the fuel being burned is impacting the environment in a massive way.
Honestly, there is no other way to put it, all types of burning fuels put off CO2. The CO2 produced is causing our planet a great impact. This added CO2 will impact the weather, the clean water supply, the food supply chain, and geographical changes. CO2 is bad for the environment, but the other Carbon gas, Carbon Monoxide can be life threating. CO is a gas produced from fuels such as gasoline from our cars and trucks, and from chafing fuels. In 1978, a high school student lost his life from the off put has of CO. Even though this was almost 30 years ago, the danger is still here. I want to suggest to everyone, STOP USING CHAFING FUELS! They are killing the environment and they are taking lives of young people. Stop before it is too late.