Why Chafing Fuel is not safe for Catering Heaters?

chafing fuel is not safe

Chafing fuel is one of the most common heating sources used in the catering industry. Canisters of chafing fuel are placed under the chafing dishes for heating the food. Using portable canisters of chafing fuel with buffet burners has been the common practice for ages. But with the invention of flameless food heaters, caterers are embracing more cost-effective and eco-friendly options. Frankly, chafing fuel has a lot of disadvantages when compared to flameless heaters. Below you’ll find the top reasons for avoiding chafing fuel.

Flame and fume:

Buffet burners use fire as their heating source. We are all aware of the hazards fire can cause if not handled properly. Even the slightest negligence can cause serious accidents. Fire can be equally hazardous in open and closed environments. In open environments, a sudden gust of air can cause the fire to spread and catch without any warnings. In close environments, if there is a breakout, the fire can spread very quickly and cause massive damage.

Besides, while using these catering heaters, the caterers have to be alert the whole time. They have to check whether the plate has enough water, whether the temperature is set to the desired degree, whether the canisters are running out of fuel or not, and so on.

Apart from fire, another reason to avoid chafing fuel is the harmful fume it produces. The fume has a foul smell that causes nausea among the caterers. They are really harmful to our health. Inhaling this fume regularly can cause serious damage to our respiratory tracts.

Environmental damage:

Chafing fuels are packaged and sold in canisters which are directly used under buffet burners. Many times, the canisters are not disposed of properly, and they are just thrown away around open spaces. Most of the time, some amount of fuel is still left inside the canister when it is discarded. This fuel then leaks from the canisters and gets mixed into the soil, thus causing serious soil pollution. Not only soil, but chafing fuel can also end up in the water too. Water contaminated with fuel, and not filtered properly can cause food poisoning in humans.

Besides, the fume coming from the chafing fuel is very bad for the environment. Nowadays, when more and more catering businesses are opting for green kitchens, affecting the environment with harmful fumes is strongly not recommended.

Not cost-effective:

Chafing fuel is costly, even if you don’t realize it. First, there’s the per-canister price tag. Then, you need to maintain a proper setup to use the chafing fuel properly. You need to employ your servers into this job of setting up the system for at least an hour. Then there is the insurance cost which is required because of using fire in open areas. The whole system takes a pretty long time to heat the dishes, usually at least 45 minutes. Now, all these costs add up to a huge amount without you even realizing. So, that’s another reason for ditching your old catering heaters and replace them with the new-age, flameless ones.

Flameless Heaters: A Smart Alternative:

There are many advantages of using flameless catering heaters instead of chafing fuel. They are:

  1. Safety: The primary reason for using flameless heaters lies in its safety advantage. It doesn’t use any flame. That means no fire hazard and no accidents. They also don’t need the constant attention from the catering servers, who can concentrate on other jobs, save time, and provide better service. Another advantage of fire-free heating is that they produce no fumes. It’s good news for both your health and the environment.
  2. Ease of Installation: Unlike Catering heaters, flameless heaters don’t require any heavy installation process. They are use-and-throw products. You can get them delivered directly to the catering venue, and after the use, you can similarly dispose of them. You don’t have to carry heavy equipment with you and employ the service persons into this time-consuming task.
  3. Eco-friendly Option: Unlike buffet burners, no fuel is burned in flameless food heaters. They don’t produce toxic fumes. They use air-activated warmers and are made of bio-degradable resources which do not cause environmental pollution even if disposed of improperly. To sum it up, flameless heaters are more environment-friendly options. Given the circumstances of our environment today, it is the need of the hour that we become more conscious and care for the environment.

For these reasons, chafing fuel is no longer considered a safe option in the catering business. Most business owners are embracing the new-age sophisticated technology by abolishing chafing fuel and doing their part in saving the environment while saving money too. So, when are you making the switch?

How Do EcoHeat Warmers Serve As Eco-Friendly Fire Free Heating Systems?

Eco-Friendly Fire Free Heating Systems

Catering businesses around the world need reliable and affordable food heating system to stay relevant in their business. Outdoor parties have long been popular among event organizers as well as their clients. People enjoy the unrestrained natural ambiance offered by an outdoor venue. Such venues are especially sought after when the weather is pleasant and comfortable.

However, outdoor event venues also present certain unique challenges. Chief among them is the problem of trying to keep the food warm while the party is in progress. Outdoor venues don’t usually come equipped with gas lines and the other amenities available in an indoor kitchen. Hence, keeping the food items warm and toasty can be a challenge for the caterers.

The Need for Outdoor Food Warmers

Traditionally, catering companies have used Sterno warmers to keep food items warm during parties and events held outdoors. Sterno warmers use chafing fuel to create a fire which is then used to heat the dishes. For years, this has been the most common way caterers have used for heating food at events. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that burning chafing fuel may have an adverse impact on the environment as well as harming the health of everyone in the vicinity.

Chafing fuel emits toxic fumes when burned, which can cause respiratory complications in the guests as well as the catering staff. Moreover, this fuel harms the environment and pollutes the soil and groundwater when it is disposed of after use. As Sterno warmers create an open flame meant to keep the food warm, they also pose a fire hazard which could endanger the lives of everyone present at the venue. If left unmonitored for even a short period of time, the flames created by the Sterno warmer could spread quickly, starting a fire which would pose a danger to life and property.

Fire Free Heating: The Safer and More Responsible Alternative

The fire-free warmers manufactured by EcoHeat present a safe and responsible alternative to the Sterno warmers. EcoHeat’s fire-free heating system makes use of large, air-activated warmers which provide consistently high temperatures through a process known as oxidation. This heating system does not rely on an open flame, nor does it emit any fumes. Thus, the risk of accidents is greatly diminished. Health concerns are also quite non-existent when it comes to these eco-friendly warmers.

Sterno Alternative

This fire-free heating system from EcoHeat has three primary components. These are:

  • The warmers: These warmers are large and generate much heat when exposed to the air through a process known as oxidation. This heat is produced without the use of any flames. The lack of an open fire makes this appliance safer than a Sterno heater.
  • The supports: The fire-free heating system from EcoHeat comes with a set of American-made proprietary supports on which the dishes containing food items can be placed. These supports help maximize the supply of heat and enhance the duration of use.
  • The customizable skirt: This insulated skirt is a world-class American-made product that can be customized with the logo of the catering company. By using this skirt, one can turn a chafing dish into an advertisement without sacrificing functionality.

The fire-free heating system also offers several advantages. Some of these have been listed below.

  1. They are safer: As no open flames are used for heating purposes, there is no risk that surrounding objects might catch fire if the device is left unmonitored, leading to a conflagration which may destroy lives and property.
  2. They are eco-friendly: The EcoHeat warmers are made from ingredients such as charcoal, salt, iron-powder, and vermiculite, all of which are natural and biodegradable. Hence, unlike chafing fuel, these warmers do not pollute the environment.
  3. They are easier to set up: EcoHeat’s fire-free heating system is extremely easy to set up and dismantle after the event. This helps the catering company save a lot of time and labor, which would otherwise have been spent setting up the equipment before a party and packing it up later.
  4. They are easier to dispose of: As these warmers do not contain any pollutants which could harm the surrounding ecology, They can be disposed of easily and quickly with no long-term ramifications. The used warmers can also be made into compost.
  5. They are affordable: EcoHeat warmers can be operated without fire, water, or electricity. They are also extremely durable and quite inexpensive. Hence, this fire-free heating system can be used in venues that do not have any electrical sockets or great water supply. This makes them highly affordable and functional in all types of situations.

In Conclusion

Hence, it can be concluded that the fire-free heating system manufactured by EcoHeat serves as a safer and more eco-friendly alternative to Sterno heaters. All catering companies should invest in a set of fire-free EcoHeat warmers in order to enhance long-term profitability.

7 Cost Effective Ways in Which Your Catering Company Can Lower Its Carbon Footprint

Catering Company lower Carbon Footprint

Environmental pollution and extinction of species due to climate change has emerged as one of the biggest social problems of the modern world. The human race has progressed beyond the wildest imaginings of our early ancestors. Our scientific and technological capabilities have skyrocketed over the years. We’ve explored the seas, traveled to the moon, replaced horses with cars, and made babies is test-tubes. In the process, however, we have also managed to disrupt the ecological balance of planet earth. Hence, it is our duty to take action and preserve the environment for future generations.

Corporations and Their Role in Environmental Preservation

As part of their social responsibility, companies and corporations must try to reduce their carbon footprint as far as possible to prevent further damage to the environment. Reducing the carbon footprint of an organization can be a slow and complicated process but it is something that must be done if we want the planet to remain hospitable for human beings in the future.

Catering businesses, for instance, contribute to pollution and environmental degradation by making use of chafing fuel, which pollutes the air and soil. Making the transition to eco-friendly and sustainable business practices isn’t always easy, but we all need to take the first step towards a more sustainable civilization. Mentioned below are some ways in which a catering business can lower its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly without breaking the bank.

7 Cost-Effective Tips for Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

  1. Clothing: The employees are the heart and soul of any company. Hence, re-educating the employees and making them aware of environmental preservation is the first step towards bringing about lasting change. A catering company can instruct its employees to wear warm clothing during the winters to reduce the need for electronic heating. Some light and breathable clothes during the summer can similarly reduce air-conditioning needs.
  2. Fire-Free Heaters: Food heaters that make use of chafing fuel release toxic fumes which causes air pollution. Moreover, chafing fuel also pollutes the soil and the water when it is disposed of. Therefore, catering companies should opt for fire-free, air-activated food warmers, like those manufactured by Heat Factory, for keeping food warm at outdoor events. Flameless food heaters are eco-friendly and also much safer for staff as well as guests.
  3. Virtual Meetings: A catering company requires its staff to be present at the venue during events. However, you don’t need them to be present at the office for every meeting and planning session. Companies can make use of video conferencing platforms to reduce the need for travel and lower vehicular emissions through virtual meetings. This is also true for peripheral departments such as accounting and sales, who do not need to be present at the event venue and can do their jobs sufficiently well from home.
  4. Sustainable Transport: Employees can also be encouraged to give up their individual vehicles and carpool together to the office, or to the event venue where they will be catering. Another option is to reward employees who make use of sustainable transport such as bicycles instead of using a car. Some companies offer extra time off or a small bonus to the employee who has traveled the highest number of miles via bicycle or on foot.
  5. Tea Rounds: Catering companies should make an effort to make tea or coffee in batches so that everyone can have a ‘tea round’ at the same time. This will help save electricity and water, while also enabling colleagues to bond as they make each other a hot drink. Boiling water for tea or coffee requires very little electricity, but in companies that have hundreds of employees, each making themselves multiple cups of tea a day, a tea round can help save a lot of power.
  6. Reusable Cups: Plastic cups should never be used to serve beverages such as tea or coffee to employees, as they are non-recyclable and therefore will lead to environmental degradation and pollution. Thus, companies should offer each employee a reusable coffee cup for his or her use, as this will help the organization reduce their own expenses while also benefiting the environment. Any plastic cutlery or disposable cups in the staff canteen should also be gotten rid of as soon as possible, so that employees may feel encouraged to bring their own cutlery for meals at the office.
  7. Lower Meat Consumption: The production of meat takes a huge toll on the environment. Hence, a catering company can lower its carbon footprint by simply offering more vegetarian and vegan dishes on its menu. It can also declare certain meat-free days at the office when no meat based food will be served at the canteen. Vegetarian food, warmed on a flameless food heater, will help reduce food-based emissions to a great extent.

In Conclusion

So, if you are interested in having a more eco-friendly catering business, then you should consider enacting the above-mentioned tips and investing in a high-quality flameless food heater. This will help you lower your company’s carbon footprint in a relatively cost-effective manner.

7 Things to Consider Before Selecting Buffet Burners for Keeping the Food Warm

Selecting Buffet Burners

A commercial catering service is useless without the right appliances, namely the buffet burners used for keeping the food items warm during events. The right kind of buffet burners not only boosts the business but is also cost-effective.

However, there are many factors caterers must consider before selecting the right kind of buffet burners to be used while serving food at small and big events. Here are some of the most important things you must keep in mind while choosing buffet burners and other commercial appliances for your catering business.

7 Factors to Consider Before Buying Buffet Burners and Other Commercial Catering Items

1. Does the Buffet Burner Fit the Purpose?

Will your buffet burner be able to keep large quantities of food items warm for long hours at indoor as well as open venues?

Apart from the size of the buffet burner, also consider the heating power of the appliance to see if it suits your requirements. If you are catering for a big event, less powerful buffet burners might not heat the food evenly and you will end up providing cold tasteless food to the guests at the event. Moreover, overworking a small buffet burner will also lead to regular breakdowns and will thus increase the maintenance costs of the business significantly.

2. Is the Buffet Burner Energy Efficient?

Did you know that using energy efficient kitchen equipment can reduce up to 20 percent of the utility bills?

When it comes to buying buffet burners and other catering equipment, it is best to focus on the long-term costs along with the short-term goals. An eco-friendly and energy efficient buffet burner will not only promote sustainability but will also reduce the utility bills significantly. Sustainable buffet burners like the EcoHeat System not provide consistent heat for long hours but also promote safety as they use neither fire, water, or electricity to produce heat.

3. Is the Buffet Burner Safe to Use?

Chafing fuel is widely used in the catering industry to heat chafing dishes and keep the food warm. However, using chafing fuel comes with many safety, health, and environmental risks. Chafing fuel creates an open flame that increases the chances of a fire or conflagration taking place. Apart from the risk of fire, there are also toxic fumes that are released when chafing fuel is burned. These fumes are inhaled by the guests and also the employees of the catering business who must tend to the chafing dishes.

These toxic fumes can cause headaches, respiratory diseases, nausea, and many more health complications. The impact the chafing fuel has on the environment is also something that cannot be ignored. Disposing of the used chafing fuel after the event is over will not only pollute the environment but will also increase the pollution level we are currently battling. Therefore, choose a buffet burner that is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to dispose of.

4. Is the Buffet Burner Suitable for Catering at Large-Scale Events?

As stated earlier, buy sustainable buffet burners that can be used easily while catering for all types of events – big or small. The EcoHeat System developed by Heat Factory perfectly matches all these requirements as this heating equipment is big and sturdy enough to heat large chafing dishes. The air-activated EcoHeat warmers can be used as compost after being used to heat chafing dishes. The EcoHeat System will be able to fulfill all the large scale demands of a commercial catering service without a hitch.

5. Can the Buffet Burners be Used in the Future Complying With Guidelines?

We should always invest in things and equipment for the business that would still be useful in the future and not rendered obsolete due to some new rules and regulations. In case you want to expand your catering business, always buy buffet burners that would help you do that rather than hold you back and compel you to buy new equipment.

EcoHeat buffet burners will be able to provide excellent service for the long term as they are eco-friendly and sustainable and are energy efficient to the core. It is easy and safe to dispose of EcoHeat warmers and thus they would not violate any regulations and guidelines set by the authorities to protect the environment.

6. Will the Buffet Burners Fit?

It is best to buy buffet burners that are neither too small nor too large. Minuscule buffet burners will not be able to provide the required heat and a very large buffet burner might not fit on the table at the venue. It is also very cumbersome to set up extremely large buffet burners at the event venue. Therefore, it is best to invest in buffet burners keeping in mind the space it will be taking up at the venues you will be catering.

7. Will it be Too Costly to Maintain the Buffet Burner?

Buffet burners that make use of chafing fuel are not only unsafe to use but also very difficult to clean. It is very important to keep all your catering equipment spic and span and in working order to maintain quality and consistency when it comes to cooking and serving food at events and parties. The buffet kits using open flames require more time and energy to keep the chafing dishes and burners clean, resulting in an increase in the maintenance costs.

It is best to use buffet burners like the EcoHeat system which make use of neither fire, water, nor electricity to provide consistent warmth to the chafing dish. Thus, cleaning this buffet burner is a piece of cake that requires very little time and effort.

In Conclusion:

The reliability of a buffet burner depends upon all the factors listed above in this article. Before you commit to and buy a particular buffet burner, ensure that it meets all the above-mentioned requirements. A catering business runs smoothly only when you can serve warm and tasty food at events for a long time.

Five Reasons To Avoid Food Warmers For Parties Which Use Chafing Fuel

food warmers for parties

Parties, events, and celebrations have always been an essential part of the human social experience. Nowadays, outdoor parties have gained great popularity. After all, who doesn’t love celebrating in the open air?

However, outdoor events and parties do pose one significant problem – outdoor venues don’t have kitchens or stoves. In the absence of these, it can be quite hard to keep the food items warm over the hours.

The solution is to use portable food warmers for parties. Usually, these food warmers work with the help of chafing fuel. The fuel is burned to produce an open flame, over which the food items are placed in chafing dishes. The flames heat the chafing dish and keep the food hot, thus solving the problem effectively.

However, chafing fuel also causes many problems and has several important drawbacks. Some of these issues have been listed below.

1. The Danger of Open Flames

Food warmers that make use of chafing fuel typically create an open flame over which the food items can be heated. This is a problem because open flames are dangerous and always pose a fire hazard. With a number of open flames in a venue, there is always the risk that an accident might occur, causing a fire to start.

This could put the lives of all the staff members and the guests at risk. To avoid this, caterers need to constantly monitor the flames to ensure that the temperature is right, sufficient fuel is available, and that there is still enough water in the pan. Even the slightest mistake or inattention could lead to a lethal accident, endangering everyone present.

2.The Effects of Toxic Fumes

Chafing fuel, when burned, emits fumes which can be harmful to living things if inhaled. Typically, the chafing fuel-based food warmers for parties release these toxic fumes in the event venue, where they are then inhaled by all the guests and catering staff. These fumes can cause severe health issues, particularly if the area is not very well-ventilated, leading to a buildup of the fumes over the hours.

Those exposed to the toxic fumes may experience respiratory issues, headaches, nausea, etc. If someone is exposed to these fumes on a regular basis, they may even develop permanent health problems as a consequence of this exposure.

3. The Environmental Impact

Chafing fuel is harmful to the environment. The fumes that it releases when burned can cause air pollution. Moreover, when chafing fuel is disposed of, it can form toxic waste and cause environmental degradation. If some gel or liquid fuel is left over when the container is thrown away, it could leak out and seep into the soil.

Eventually, this toxic fuel can end up in the drinking water of those living in the area, leading to widespread health problems. In the worst case scenario, it could even lead to people getting poisoned. Even if that doesn’t happen, millions of containers of chafing fuel being disposed of around the country will definitely have a severe negative impact on the environment.

4. Unhealthy Work Environment

Working with chafing fuels can be very dangerous and detrimental to the health of caterers. First, due to the omnipresence of open flames, workers are always at risk of sustaining burn injuries. Secondly, inhaling the toxic fumes released by the food warmers for parties day after day can cause respiratory problems and other health issues. Thirdly, the slightest distraction or mistake on the part of the workers could lead to a fire in the venue, endangering everyone.

Thus, working in the catering industry can be much more dangerous than many people believe, especially if the business makes use of food heaters containing chafing fuel. Switching over to a fire-free food warmer would help create a much better work environment for employees of the catering business.

5. Unnecessary Expenses

Chafing fuel can also be quite costly. The fuel itself is expensive, but there are also several hidden costs borne by those using chafing fuel-based food warmers for parties. These food heaters require a lot of time to be set up for use, which means that caterers have to work longer hours when using them. Two employees need to work together to set up each unit of the food warmer. Since several units are needed for a single party, a lot of manpower is required.

Moreover, the presence of open flames also drives up the cost of insurance policies, so that the business has to pay higher premiums in order to avail maximum coverage. Dismantling and packing up these warmers is also quite time-consuming, and employees might need a whole hour after the event is over just to pack up their equipment and leave.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the reasons why you should avoid chafing fuel-based food warmers for parties and opt for fire-free warmers instead. These warmers can be operated without any flames, electricity, or water, making them very safe.

They are also eco-friendly and provide consistent heat without needing to be constantly monitored. For the best results, you can purchase the EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by Heat Factory, which come with a set of high-temperature, air-activated warmers, proprietary supports, and a customizable skirt.

EcoHeat Warmers: The Best Alternative for Catering Sterno

alternative for catering sterno units

For decades, sterno buffet kits have been used for the purpose of keeping food warm during events and parties held outdoors. Sterno kits contain inflammable chafing fuel in each unit, which can be used to light a fire for keeping the food warm. Fire from the catering sterno is used to keep food items hot during the event, so that warm and tasty dishes can be served to the guests and attendees.

Sterno kits have been used widely by the catering industry over the years, and they have made the task of serving food at outdoor parties much easier. With sterno kits, one can forgo the need for an indoor kitchen and the associated kitchen equipment, such as gas stoves and burners to keep the food warm. This has enabled generations of caterers to serve delicious, tasty food to their clients, regardless of the locale or the weather.

While useful, catering sterno kits also have their share of problems and issues. Some of the problems associated with these products have been mentioned below.

  • Catering sternos make use of open flames, which can start a fire at the venue and thus endanger the lives of guests and staff members, alike. The threat of a conflagration is always present when open flames are used for any purpose.
  • Catering sterno kits emit toxic fumes from the burning of the chafing fuel. s These fumes can cause serious health problems in all those who are exposed to it.
  • Sterno warmers need to be constantly watched and monitored by the staff to ensure that the fire does not go out, the heat remains consistent and that nothing in the vicinity catches fire by accident. Even the slightest negligence could prove disastrous for the hosts as well as the caterers.
  • Catering sterno kits are also known to be harmful to the environment. The chafing fuel used is both toxic and non-biodegradable. When it is disposed of, the residue can poison the environment and cause ecological problems in the area.
  • Sterno warmers also create a risky and unhealthy work environment for the catering staff. They have to constantly inhale toxic fumes from the chafing fuel. Moreover, the open flames pose a constant fire hazard which could be a threat to many lives.
  • Sterno kits are also relatively difficult to set up, and the waste materials are hard to dispose of after the event is over. Because of the environmental hazard, caterers have to be careful about where they are dumping the used chafing fuel.

Fire Free EcoHeat Warmers as an Alternative to Catering Sterno

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the US-based Heat Factory, is the perfect solution to the problems posed by catering sterno. This heating system can keep food warm during parties and events, without the need for open flames or the toxic fumes that are part and parcel of catering sterno units. Hence, they offer health, taste, safety, and all the benefits of sterno kits without any of the drawbacks, which has made them the ideal choice for modern caterers.

The components of the EcoHeat fire-free warmers are:

  • The Warmers: The primary component of one such unit is the large, air-activated warmer that can achieve very high temperatures. Containing iron-powder, salt, vermiculite, and charcoal, these warmers can be activated through the process of oxidation, without the need for any open flames.
  • The Support: The proprietary supports, made in America, are an essential part of this fire-free heating unit. These metallic supports are used to put the warmers in place so that they can provide high and consistent heat for a longer duration of time, making them essential for longer parties and events.
  • The Customizable Skirt: This insulated skirt, also made in America. Moreover, it can be customized so as to display the logo of a catering company, which would help in branding as well as fulfilling the more practical needs and applications. Thus, you will have a chafing dish that also doubles as a brand ambassador for your company.

Some advantages of EcoHeat’s warmers have been listed below:

  • They do not make use of open flames, which makes them infinitely safer than catering sterno and ensures that they do not pose any kind of a fire hazard.
  • The EcoHeat warmers also do not emit any toxic fumes which can be harmful to the health of guests or caterers.
  • The air-activated warmers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which makes them easy to dispose of after use.
  • They do not make use of fire, water, or electricity, and can be set up easily and quickly regardless of the venue.

In Conclusion

These are some of the reasons why EcoHeat warmers are considered to be the best alternative for catering sterno units. These environmentally friendly, fire-free warmers are a must-have for all ecologically conscious catering businesses.

How can Flameless Food Heaters Benefit Your Catering Business?

flameless food heaters for outdoor

In the modern world, outdoor events and parties are quite common. Both private and corporate events are frequently held outdoors, as many people prefer to celebrate in the open air whenever possible. While it is true that outdoor events can be a lot of fun, they also have certain unique challenges. One of the most significant challenges of hosting an outdoor event is deciding how to keep the food warm and toasty throughout the duration of the party.

Unlike indoor venues, most outdoor locales don’t have kitchen facilities. Therefore, the caterers have to find an alternative way of keeping the food warm during the event. Usually, food heaters that make use of chafing fuel are used for this purpose.

Food Heaters and Chafing Fuel

Traditional food heaters used by caterers for outdoor events are operated with the help of chafing fuel. The heating equipment makes use of the chafing fuel to start an open flame, over which the chafing dish can be placed to keep the food items warm. This open flame helps keep the food warm but needs to be constantly monitored so as to ensure that it doesn’t burn out. Moreover, the catering staff needs to be careful and ensure that the flame keeping the food hot doesn’t go out of control and start a fire at the venue.

Catering heaters that make use of chafing fuel have a number of drawbacks. The fumes released when this fuel is burnt can be quite toxic and harmful. Guests and catering staff who breathe in these fumes can suffer from severe health problems in the future. Apart from that, an open flame is dangerous as it can cause fire-related accidents, putting the lives of the guests as well as the staff members at risk. Open flames can also cause burn injuries if the catering staff and guests are not careful. Furthermore, chafing fuel and the fumes it releases are harmful to the environment.

Flameless Catering Heaters

Flameless food heaters like the EcoHeat warmers are an answer to all of the above-mentioned problems. These heaters do not make use of chafing fuel, water, or electricity to keep the food warm. As a result, they are far less dangerous and toxic than traditional catering heaters. With flameless food heaters, providing hot, delicious food during outdoor events is no longer an undertaking fraught with health risks and environmental concerns.

With the help of flameless food heaters like EcoHeat warmers, catering services can also be employed in areas like museums, casinos, and stadiums that have restrictions against lighting an open flame. This helps to expand the scope of the business while reducing the risk factor. Moreover, flameless heating systems are also easier to set up and install at the event venue, as one does not need to deal with dangerous and inflammable fuels that need to be handled with care.

Easy to Install

The heat from the EcoHeat warmers is activated in less than a minute after the equipment has been installed. Flameless food heaters are disposable and meant to be used once only, which means that no time need be spent on packing up and transporting the equipment once the event is over. The equipment is neither elaborate nor complicated to set-up making the entire process quite easy and quick. Both the catering company and the event hosts can save a lot of time without compromising on the quality of the food being served.


The fact that they do not make use of open flames to keep the food warm also makes flameless food heaters much safer. They do not pose a fire hazard and therefore do not need to be constantly watched and monitored by the catering staff. No fire, water, or electricity is necessary for operating these heaters.

They also do not release toxic fumes that could prove to be a health hazard for the attendees and the staff members, thanks to the absence of chafing fuel. All of these factors combine to make flameless food heaters infinitely safer and more risk-free than their traditional counterparts.

Environmentally Friendly

Flameless food heaters provide consistent heat without harming the environment. They make use of air-activated warmers that provide consistently high temperatures and are made from a biodegradable admixture of charcoal, iron-powder, salt, and vermiculite. When these warmers are exposed to the open air, they undergo oxidation and produce heat as a result of this process. Being biodegradable and easy to dispose of, these warmers do not pollute the environment and are therefore considered to be more eco-friendly than traditional chafing fuel heaters.

In Conclusion

Flameless food heaters also come with some other elements, such as proprietary supports and a customizable skirt. You should definitely choose these catering heaters if you want to go green while also improving your profit margin at the same time. Moreover, these flameless heaters are safer and more efficient, especially for events where children might be present. The many benefits offered by the flameless heaters have made them popular among caterers and event planners alike.

What are Chafing Warmers and Why Are They Needed?

Chafing Warmers and Why Are They Needed

A chafing dish is essentially a type of a portable grate that can be used to keep food items warm in outdoor locations where a traditional stove is unavailable for food heating purposes. A grate raised on a tripod is an important component of any chafing dish, as it allows for a fire to be lit under the dish which can then keep the food warm and toasty over a course of hours. Chaffing dishes are used to keep the food items warm during the buffet service and other types of catering events. These devices are very popular with catering companies as they enable the caterers to serve tasty food to their client, regardless of the venue where the event is being conducted.

The Need for Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes are necessary for a number of reasons. They provide a solution to a very fundamental problem – how to keep food items from going cold and stale during outdoor events and parties, or any other location wherein a traditional stove is not available? Mentioned below are some of the primary reasons why chafing dishes are used by such a wide variety of people.

  • The host of any party or an event needs to ensure that all the guests have warm, adequate and sumptuous food on their plates throughout the duration of the event. No host wants their guests to have to eat stale, cold, and leathery food. A chafing warmer or dish can help the host achieve this goal by ensuring that all the available food items are kept warm for the consumption of the guests, throughout the duration of the event.
  • Catering companies would have to spend an exorbitant amount of money in order to set up stoves and other cooking appliances at the venue of every event or party. However, if they invest in some chafing warmers, this problem can be solved quite easily. They can simply cook the food in their own commercial kitchens, then bring the dishes over to the event venue, without having to worry about the food items going cold or tasting stale because of the time spent on transportation.
  • Event planners too have a lot of freedom when planning an event and deciding on a venue, thanks to the availability of chafing warmers and dishes. Without these items, all events would need to be organized indoors, where a kitchen with a gas stove is available for heating the food items when it is time to eat. This would also pose logistical problems, as an event planner would have to find a building big enough to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests. However, with chafing dishes, this is not an issue at all. Many people prefer outdoor venues, as they offer more freedom of movement to the guests and are also often more affordable. Chafing dishes eliminate the need for a kitchen, allowing event planners to choose the venue according to the needs and preferences of the client, without having to worry about catering problems.

These are some of the reasons why we need chafing dishes. Now, let us talk about the ways in which you can choose the best chafing warmers to use for your own catering business or company.

The Problem with Traditional Chafing Dishes

Traditional chafing dishes make use of an open flame to keep food items warm during an outdoor event or party. This is highly problematic, because of the following reasons.

  • An open flame poses a fire hazard. The slightest neglect on the part of the caterer could cause a fire to start at the venue, putting the lives of the guests and the staff members at risk.
  • Chafing fuel, when burned, releases toxic fumes into the air which is harmful to the health of all those present. The catering staff, as well as the guests, could get sick if exposed to these fumes for long.
  • Chafing dishes that make use of open flames need to be constantly watched and attended to, in order to ensure that the fire keeps burning and that it doesn’t burn the food being heated. This can be tiresome, time-consuming, and quite risky as well.

Using Fire-Free Chafing Warmers

The above-mentioned problems can be easily solved with the use of fire-free chafing warmers. Eco-Heat’s fire free chafing warmers are absolutely safe, eco-friendly, and easy to use. They can also be disposed of with relative ease, meaning that they do not pollute the environment or create harmful waste upon disposal.

These chafing heaters do not make use of fire, electricity, or even water in any form. This makes them extremely safe, as they can never lead to a conflagration at the event venue. Nor can they cause an electrical accident, as no electricity is needed to operate these devices. Moreover, fire-free chafing warmers do not release any smoke, as there are no flames that can produce harmful fumes.

This ensures that neither the guests nor the caterers are exposed to harmful fumes which could damage their lungs in the long run. Eco-heat’s fire-free chafing warmers are also easy to set up and provide consistent heat through oxidation for the entire duration of the event, without needing to be consistently watched and monitored at all times.

In Conclusion

Chafing warmers are an extremely important tool for caterers and event planners around the world. However, it is essential for catering businesses to carefully consider the type of chafing warmer they would like to use, keeping in mind the safety of their clients and employees as well as the welfare of the environment.

Why Should You Invest in Eco-Friendly Catering Heaters?

Eco friendly catering heater

Eco-Friendly businesses – what started as a mere trend has now turned into profitable a business decision, that has not only been cost-effective but also benefits the environment by reducing our carbon imprint on the planet.

More and more business are trying to become sustainable and are reworking their policies and process of operation by incorporating eco-friendly services and products into their business models. The catering industry is also not far behind and is quickly catching up by investing in and offering eco-friendly and sustainable services and products to their customers.

More and more caterers are attempting to go green by introducing eco-friendly catering heaters, reducing food waste, using energy efficient appliances, and a lot more. While turning a catering business into an eco-friendly organization is not that difficult, caterers often face difficulties in procuring eco-friendly catering heaters as there are not many options available in the market.

This is where the EcoHeat system from Heating Without Fire wins the round. Currently, chafing fuel is widely used by caterers as a catering heater to keep the food warm during outdoor events. However, undeniably these chafing fuels pose the safety risk of starting fires. Moreover, the fumes emitted from this fuel are also not great for the environment. All in all, chafing fuel is harmful on more than one level and catering businesses need to transition out of the practice of using this unsustainable fuel as soon as possible.

What is the EcoHeat System?

The EcoHeat catering heaters are hailed as the future of heating as they make use of neither fire, water, nor electricity to keep the food warm and tasty. So, there is no risk of a fire breaking out when you are using EcoHeat catering heaters at events and parties.

The EcoHeat system is made up of three essential components, namely, the EcoHeat warmers, the support system, and a customizable skirt that is used to cover the chafing dish. These three elements come together to provide consistent heat to keep the food warm for a long time.

How Does this System Work?

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the Heat Factory, are high temperature, air-activated warmers, which when arranged on the support system provided a consistent amount of heat to the chafing dishes. Once you place the warmers on the support system and place the chafing dish above it, the EcoHeat warmers will provide consistent heat due to oxidation. So, there is no risk of a fire breaking out when you use these eco-friendly catering heaters, unlike the hazardous and unsustainable chafing gels and fuels. It is also easy to dispose of the EcoHeat warmers without creating toxic waste that harms the environment.

Why Should Caterers Use Eco-Friendly Catering Heaters?

Here are the reasons why a catering business must consider investing in eco-friendly catering heaters.

1.Improves the Image of the Business:

When a catering business cares about protecting the environment, it helps the organization improve its reputation. Likewise, the customers think that all your business decisions have been taken keeping in mind the end goal of saving the environment. They also assume that much care and scrutiny has been put into making the menu and the associated appliances ecologically sustainable and limiting waste.

This will attract more environmentally concerned customers and prompt them to the caterer. The customers also expect you to invest more in ecologically sustainable products like eco-friendly catering heaters. Going green also helps in giving the business an edge in the uber-competitive market as customers will opt for a catering service that not only provides quality food but also cares about the planet.


It is true that the initial costs of making your catering business eco-friendly may seem high, but in the long run, it is worth the investment. If you opt for eco-friendly food warmers and energy-efficient appliances, it will save a significant amount of your costs in the long run. Moreover, there will also be less safety risks if your employees are not using hazardous materials like chafing gels while preparing food.

3.Healthier Environment:

Using ecologically sustainable catering heaters and energy-efficient appliances will not only benefit your business and improve profitability, but your employees and clients will also be safer and healthier in the long term. Chafing gel or fuel, which is widely used for heating chafing dishes at outdoor and indoor events, emit toxic fumes, which not only mixes with the food being served but is also inhaled by the employees and the guests visiting the food counter. However, eco-friendly catering heaters like EcoHeat warmers do not emit such fumes and therefore can keep the environment healthy, thus preventing the employees and clients from getting sick.

4.Promotes Sustainability of the Environment:

By investing in eco-friendly catering heaters and other products you will not only be reducing the amount of energy consumed while providing the catering services, but will also reduce waste, thereby reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. That helps attract customers, who are concerned about the environment while also saving our planet from increased pollution levels.

In Conclusion:

These are some of the reasons why more and more caterers are opting for eco-friendly catering heaters to promote sustainable business choices. While it certainly is a challenge to make the business ecologically sustainable and adopt environmentally conscious practices, it will in the long-term help you by lowering the utility bills, bettering your reputation, and increasing overall profits.

Move Over Sterno Warmers, the Future of Heating is Here

Sterno Alternative

The catering industry regularly makes use of outdoor food heating technology and devices. Outdoor events and parties are quite popular and common. Therefore, it is essential for catering service providers to be able to offer guests hot and tasty food items throughout the duration of the event. This is made possible with the use of heating devices and equipment which help keep the food hot and fresh during outdoor parties, regardless of the weather.

Traditional Food Heating Methods

Traditionally, caterers have used Sterno warmers to keep the food hot during parties and events that were held outdoors. These warmers use open flames to heat the food items. The flames are kept burning with the help of chafing fuel, which is usually contained in a can within the Sterno warming kit. Sterno warmers are used largely for the purpose of buffet heating, and they are very popular among caterers. However, despite their popularity, Sterno warmers can be quite dangerous and harmful to the environment.

The Problem With Sterno Warmers

The major problem with Sterno warmers is that they make use of open flames to keep the food hot during events and parties. Needless to say, this can be quite dangerous. Open flames could easily lead to a fire in the venue, endangering the lives of everyone present. Even a moment’s neglect can cause a conflagration, when an open fire is being used to keep the food warm in the event venue.
Secondly, there can be no fire without smoke. Sterno warmers, when used, tend to fill the venue with smoke and fumes which could be harmful to the health of the attendees. These fumes are especially a problem for any person who happens to suffer from asthma or other types of ailment relating to the lungs. These toxic fumes could also create an unpleasant ambiance in the venue and impede the guests’ enjoyment of the party.

Thirdly, chafing fuel can be harmful for the environment in the long run. When Sterno warmers are disposed of, the chafing fuel often leaks into the soil or into nearby water bodies, thus spreading toxicity in the area and endangering the health of local residents. Thus, using Sterno warmers at an outdoor event or party is not merely uncomfortable but is also environmentally irresponsible.

The Future of Heating – EcoHeat Warmers

The reason that Sterno warmers have remained so popular over the years, despite their many drawbacks, is that until recently, they were the only heating option available to caterers. However, this is no longer the case. EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by Heat Factory, is the safe and eco-friendly food-heating solution that the catering industry has been waiting for.

EcoHeat warmers offer a fire-free and environmentally friendly heating solution for outdoor events. These food warmers make use of innovative technology to keep food warm and toasty without the need for fire, water, or electricity. Thus, they are completely safe and do not carry the risk of a fire whenever they are used.

This device makes use of air-activated warmers, which provide consistent high temperatures over a large area so as to keep food items warm. These air-activated warmers are also quite light and highly efficient, making them easy to carry and transport from place to place. They contain a mixture of various items such as iron-powder, charcoal, salt, and vermiculite, which is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Oxidation takes place whenever these warmers are exposed to the air, which causes them to generate a lot of heat, due to which they can be used to keep food items warm. Thus, if these air-activated warmers are placed under the food containers, there would be no need for chafing fuel or an open fire in the buffet area, which will make the event venue much safer.

Along with the aforementioned warmers, the EcoHeat kit also comes with a support system and a water pan. The air-activated warmers are placed within the support system, which in turn is contained within the water pan. Finally, an insulated skirt must be added to the setup. This skirt helps hide the chafing dishes at the base from view. Made from high-quality fabrics, this especially designed insulated skirt can fit all types of chafing dishes as well as rectangular stands. Therefore, with this EcoHeat warming kit, the task of keeping food items hot and delicious during parties has become much easier, safer, and more efficient.

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the reasons why Sterno warmers are not ideal for heating food items at parties and outdoor events. Caterers should definitely consider using EcoHeat’s safe and environmentally sustainable air-activated warmers instead, for more efficient and risk-free service. Apart from greater customer satisfaction, EcoHeat’s warmers will also enable catering businesses to create better working conditions for their employees and staff members.