CaterSource 2019: EcoHeat – Last Year’s Problem, this Year’s Solution!

Last year at CaterSouce 2018 in Las Vegas, the EcoHeat team presented the amazing Full-Service Chafer NO FLAME, NO WATER, Environmentally Friendly Catering solution, with the new Heating Without Fire Chafing Dish System. This was an amazing hit with all who viewed the system. Although the technology and product was new to most, it clearly helped answer the previous year’s hottest topics about fire free venue catering and menu selections. This new EcoHeat Full-Service Chafer System opened up a new world of opportunity for all catering companies.

Our team took years developing the EcoHeat Full-Service Chafer System and asked hundreds of caterers, end users, event planners, and chefs what was important to them and their successful execution of food service. CaterSource 2018 was a wonderful and enlightening experience for our team because we found it to be an amazing amount of wealth and knowledge all in one place. Everyone was willing to provide input, suggestions, and answer our questions. We learned more in the first two hours of being at the show than one could learn in months researching the catering industry. We took the feedback and made some significant improvement to the system, reduced the price and better understood how to best use the EcoHeat Heating Without Fire Full-Service Chafer System. It was refreshing to hear so much praise for answering one of the biggest topics of the previous year and the show topics.

This experience solidified and rejuvenated us to be even more vigilant and ask more questions on how EcoHeat could best support the catering industry and we really listened! The overwhelming topic of CaterSource 2018 was drop off/corporate catering and delivery. We had already started development on the Heated Drop off solutions, but we needed to LEARN, and learn we did.



The Green Initiative is growing in the catering industry – from using sustainable packaging to using less water. Many catering companies are trying to find ways to become more environmentally friendly throughout their business. From what we learned from many of the caterers we talked to at the show, they want to use less water, have a heating source that is biodegradable, and packaging/equipment that is environmentally sourced. Lucky for those caterers looking for these options, EcoHeat checks all the boxes! With the EcoHeat system, there is no water required, everything inside the EcoHeat warmer is biodegradable, and all cardboard used in the EcoHeat box is from environmentally sourced trees.

Enviromentally Sourced Trees are used for our EcoHeat Drop Off Boxes!


Drop Off Solutions

The EcoHeat Drop Off Solutions are continually growing. We started with the EcoHeat Drop Off Box in a half pan. We are working on the EcoHeat Drop Off Box in a full pan. At the same time, our team is working on the EcoHeat Pizza Box and Pizza Bag, the EcoHeat Drop Off Carrying bag, and even the EcoHeat Room Service Single Servicing Box. The EcoHeat team in committed to providing quality Heat Products for all types of catering needs.

EcoHeat Half Pan Drop Off Box
Easily carry our stackable EcoHeat Drop Off Boxes


Stories from the show

The first night of the conference, we were standing around a cocktail table talking about our plan for the show and the best ways to engage with the caterers. Little did we know, we were about to meet someone who would introduce our team to a lot of people in the industry. Our new friend, Maggie, walked up and sparked good conversations about catering, New Orleans, and life and general. The table quickly grew from the 4 of us to a group of 10 or so, from all over the country. Another caterer we meant was Ewa. Ewa may been our favorite story from the show. We talked to her for over an hour – everything from her experiences in catering to our heating solutions. Come to find out, Ewa was more excited than we originally knew. She sent about 10 different groups of caterers she had met to our booth, all because she was excited about what we were doing for the industry she has spent many years in. We want to thank Ewa and all the friends we met that first night of the conference! You guys made the show special for us!

The first day of the show, we were slammed all day. One of the great caterers we met was Debbie. Debbie and one of her colleagues came by to check out the EcoHeat system. They planned on going to all 3 fire free heating sources then make a decision on which to go forward with. First, they checked out the large chafing fuel company’s solution at the front of the show. It was not exactly what they needed for their company. They next booth they came to was the EcoHeat booth. Our team talked to their team about their needs and wants for the perfect fire free heating source. From that discussion, we gave them the demo of our full service chafing system and the EcoHeat Drop Off Box. Before they left the booth, they decided they did not need to see any other fire free heating sources, rather they ordered on the spot!

EcoHeat was consistently ranked #1 out of the 3 fire free heating sources. We were surprised how open caterers were when we asked them which fire free heating source they would prefer. We talked to some who did not choose EcoHeat, but most liked the versatility of the EcoHeat system for full service and drop off solutions!

We love interacting with our customers and future customers! To become a customer, go to and order a kit! We look forward to hearing from you!

EcoHeat Warmers: The Best Alternative for Catering Sterno

alternative for catering sterno units

For decades, sterno buffet kits have been used for the purpose of keeping food warm during events and parties held outdoors. Sterno kits contain inflammable chafing fuel in each unit, which can be used to light a fire for keeping the food warm. Fire from the catering sterno is used to keep food items hot during the event, so that warm and tasty dishes can be served to the guests and attendees.

Sterno kits have been used widely by the catering industry over the years, and they have made the task of serving food at outdoor parties much easier. With sterno kits, one can forgo the need for an indoor kitchen and the associated kitchen equipment, such as gas stoves and burners to keep the food warm. This has enabled generations of caterers to serve delicious, tasty food to their clients, regardless of the locale or the weather.

While useful, catering sterno kits also have their share of problems and issues. Some of the problems associated with these products have been mentioned below.

  • Catering sternos make use of open flames, which can start a fire at the venue and thus endanger the lives of guests and staff members, alike. The threat of a conflagration is always present when open flames are used for any purpose.
  • Catering sterno kits emit toxic fumes from the burning of the chafing fuel. s These fumes can cause serious health problems in all those who are exposed to it.
  • Sterno warmers need to be constantly watched and monitored by the staff to ensure that the fire does not go out, the heat remains consistent and that nothing in the vicinity catches fire by accident. Even the slightest negligence could prove disastrous for the hosts as well as the caterers.
  • Catering sterno kits are also known to be harmful to the environment. The chafing fuel used is both toxic and non-biodegradable. When it is disposed of, the residue can poison the environment and cause ecological problems in the area.
  • Sterno warmers also create a risky and unhealthy work environment for the catering staff. They have to constantly inhale toxic fumes from the chafing fuel. Moreover, the open flames pose a constant fire hazard which could be a threat to many lives.
  • Sterno kits are also relatively difficult to set up, and the waste materials are hard to dispose of after the event is over. Because of the environmental hazard, caterers have to be careful about where they are dumping the used chafing fuel.

Fire Free EcoHeat Warmers as an Alternative to Catering Sterno

EcoHeat warmers, manufactured by the US-based Heat Factory, is the perfect solution to the problems posed by catering sterno. This heating system can keep food warm during parties and events, without the need for open flames or the toxic fumes that are part and parcel of catering sterno units. Hence, they offer health, taste, safety, and all the benefits of sterno kits without any of the drawbacks, which has made them the ideal choice for modern caterers.

The components of the EcoHeat fire-free warmers are:

  • The Warmers: The primary component of one such unit is the large, air-activated warmer that can achieve very high temperatures. Containing iron-powder, salt, vermiculite, and charcoal, these warmers can be activated through the process of oxidation, without the need for any open flames.
  • The Support: The proprietary supports, made in America, are an essential part of this fire-free heating unit. These metallic supports are used to put the warmers in place so that they can provide high and consistent heat for a longer duration of time, making them essential for longer parties and events.
  • The Customizable Skirt: This insulated skirt, also made in America. Moreover, it can be customized so as to display the logo of a catering company, which would help in branding as well as fulfilling the more practical needs and applications. Thus, you will have a chafing dish that also doubles as a brand ambassador for your company.

Some advantages of EcoHeat’s warmers have been listed below:

  • They do not make use of open flames, which makes them infinitely safer than catering sterno and ensures that they do not pose any kind of a fire hazard.
  • The EcoHeat warmers also do not emit any toxic fumes which can be harmful to the health of guests or caterers.
  • The air-activated warmers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which makes them easy to dispose of after use.
  • They do not make use of fire, water, or electricity, and can be set up easily and quickly regardless of the venue.

In Conclusion

These are some of the reasons why EcoHeat warmers are considered to be the best alternative for catering sterno units. These environmentally friendly, fire-free warmers are a must-have for all ecologically conscious catering businesses.

How can Flameless Food Heaters Benefit Your Catering Business?

flameless food heaters for outdoor

In the modern world, outdoor events and parties are quite common. Both private and corporate events are frequently held outdoors, as many people prefer to celebrate in the open air whenever possible. While it is true that outdoor events can be a lot of fun, they also have certain unique challenges. One of the most significant challenges of hosting an outdoor event is deciding how to keep the food warm and toasty throughout the duration of the party.

Unlike indoor venues, most outdoor locales don’t have kitchen facilities. Therefore, the caterers have to find an alternative way of keeping the food warm during the event. Usually, food heaters that make use of chafing fuel are used for this purpose.

Food Heaters and Chafing Fuel

Traditional food heaters used by caterers for outdoor events are operated with the help of chafing fuel. The heating equipment makes use of the chafing fuel to start an open flame, over which the chafing dish can be placed to keep the food items warm. This open flame helps keep the food warm but needs to be constantly monitored so as to ensure that it doesn’t burn out. Moreover, the catering staff needs to be careful and ensure that the flame keeping the food hot doesn’t go out of control and start a fire at the venue.

Catering heaters that make use of chafing fuel have a number of drawbacks. The fumes released when this fuel is burnt can be quite toxic and harmful. Guests and catering staff who breathe in these fumes can suffer from severe health problems in the future. Apart from that, an open flame is dangerous as it can cause fire-related accidents, putting the lives of the guests as well as the staff members at risk. Open flames can also cause burn injuries if the catering staff and guests are not careful. Furthermore, chafing fuel and the fumes it releases are harmful to the environment.

Flameless Catering Heaters

Flameless food heaters like the EcoHeat warmers are an answer to all of the above-mentioned problems. These heaters do not make use of chafing fuel, water, or electricity to keep the food warm. As a result, they are far less dangerous and toxic than traditional catering heaters. With flameless food heaters, providing hot, delicious food during outdoor events is no longer an undertaking fraught with health risks and environmental concerns.

With the help of flameless food heaters like EcoHeat warmers, catering services can also be employed in areas like museums, casinos, and stadiums that have restrictions against lighting an open flame. This helps to expand the scope of the business while reducing the risk factor. Moreover, flameless heating systems are also easier to set up and install at the event venue, as one does not need to deal with dangerous and inflammable fuels that need to be handled with care.

Easy to Install

The heat from the EcoHeat warmers is activated in less than a minute after the equipment has been installed. Flameless food heaters are disposable and meant to be used once only, which means that no time need be spent on packing up and transporting the equipment once the event is over. The equipment is neither elaborate nor complicated to set-up making the entire process quite easy and quick. Both the catering company and the event hosts can save a lot of time without compromising on the quality of the food being served.


The fact that they do not make use of open flames to keep the food warm also makes flameless food heaters much safer. They do not pose a fire hazard and therefore do not need to be constantly watched and monitored by the catering staff. No fire, water, or electricity is necessary for operating these heaters.

They also do not release toxic fumes that could prove to be a health hazard for the attendees and the staff members, thanks to the absence of chafing fuel. All of these factors combine to make flameless food heaters infinitely safer and more risk-free than their traditional counterparts.

Environmentally Friendly

Flameless food heaters provide consistent heat without harming the environment. They make use of air-activated warmers that provide consistently high temperatures and are made from a biodegradable admixture of charcoal, iron-powder, salt, and vermiculite. When these warmers are exposed to the open air, they undergo oxidation and produce heat as a result of this process. Being biodegradable and easy to dispose of, these warmers do not pollute the environment and are therefore considered to be more eco-friendly than traditional chafing fuel heaters.

In Conclusion

Flameless food heaters also come with some other elements, such as proprietary supports and a customizable skirt. You should definitely choose these catering heaters if you want to go green while also improving your profit margin at the same time. Moreover, these flameless heaters are safer and more efficient, especially for events where children might be present. The many benefits offered by the flameless heaters have made them popular among caterers and event planners alike.