Heating Without Fire: A Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Fire-Free Heating System

EcoHeat Warmer Fire-Free Heating System

As anybody, who has ever planned and organized an event would know, event planning is no easy task. There are a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind and a number of individual elements that need to be properly arranged in order to organize a successful event. One of the most important things that all caterers and restaurant owners must consider is that food that is to be served to those attending the event must be tasty and warm, at all time.

A Constant Supply of Tasty and Warm Food

Be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, a range of dishes need to be prepared and served to the guests and attendees. The logistics of preparing and serving the food items can often prove to be quite complicated and difficult to manage. One of the major problems that many caterers face, is the issue of keeping the food warm for the entire duration of the event.

The caterer or restaurant owner may want to serve some snacks to his or her guests throughout the evening. However, the food items may get cold over the course of time and may become inedible and tasteless by the end. In order to prevent this from happening, caterers and restaurants in the catering business need to take the requisite precautions to ensure that the food remains hot and delicious for the entire duration of the event or party.

EcoHeat Warmers – The Ultimate Solution by The Heat Factory

This is the perfect solution to the above-mentioned problem of keeping food items hot and tasty throughout the duration of an event. EcoHeat Warmers are the latest innovation that is all set to revolutionize the catering and event-planning industries.

At the heart of this innovative fire-free heating system are the trailblazing air-activated warmers, which are quite large and have consistently high temperatures. EcoHeat’s light and efficient warmers are manufactured by USA based Heat Factory, which has over three and a half decades of experience in the production and development of air-activated warmers.

A biodegradable mixture of charcoal, iron-powder, vermiculite, and salt are some of the components of these large, high-temperature, air-activated warmers. So when these warmers are exposed to the air, they go through a process of oxidation. This oxidation process generates a consistent amount of heat that can keep the food items warm.

The EcoHeat warming kit comes with a water pan and a support system, in addition to the warmers. In order to be used, the warmers need to first be placed on the support system in the water pan. Then, the final component of this fire-free heating system must be added, which is the insulated skirt.

This skirt can be used to hide the base which holds the chafing dishes. EcoHeat’s US-made insulated skirt has a special, patent-pending design which makes use of high-end fabrics and fits almost all types of rectangular stands and chafing dishes. This kit makes the task of keeping food warm at parties quite easy, efficient, and absolutely safe.

The Problem With Using Fire to Keep the Food Hot

In order to keep the food warm at the event venue, caterers and event planners often make use of open flames and grills. However, there are many problems associated with this measure. First, it is needless to say that an open flame can be dangerous, even more so inside a crowded venue filled with guests and staff members.

Secondly, you need chafing fuel in order to keep the flame lighted over a period of time. The burning of this fuel, especially within a closed space, can generate toxic fumes that can harm the health of the attendees and cause suffocation and discomfort in the short-term. Therefore, when organizing an event, it is best to avoid using an open fire to keep the food items warm.

Another common solution is to keep a container full of boiling water under the food items. However, this can lead to excess humidity in the venue, causing discomfort to the guests. Moreover, you would still need a fire, or a source of electricity to keep the water hot. Both fire and electricity are dangerous, as they can cause accidents, hence endangering all the guests and staff members present.

Sustainable and Fire-Free Heating

Considering the above-mentioned issues, it can be said that it’s high time for restaurant owners and caterers to opt for a natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable solution that does not need electricity or an open flame to keep food warm and tasty.

For this, the perfect solution is the EcoHeat system, which produces consistent heat while ensuring optimum safety, without the need for any fire, water, or an electrical source. Thus, when using EcoHeat, the host does not need to worry about fire hazards, toxic fumes, odors, harmful waste materials, and safety protocols. Both the host and the guests can enjoy the party or event with no discomfort or fear of a mishap.

This, of course, is only because EcoHeat is an innovative and eco-friendly fire-free heating system that can keep the food items piping hot in a natural and hazard-free manner.

In Conclusion

It can, therefore, be said that all caterers and restaurant owners should opt for natural, eco-friendly, and fire-free heating systems that can keep the food warm during parties without endangering the guests and adversely affecting the environment. EcoHeat’s air-activated warmers are also easy to dispose of once they have been used, making it quite an efficient system that takes up very little time. Caterers and restaurants looking to rent catering heaters should definitely check out the many benefits of this kit before they begin to organize the next event.