Exposed Fire vs. Contained Heat

When deciding which heating source to use for your catering business you have choices. For many years, caterers did not have the option for have a contained safe heating source. Now they do!
Exposed fire heating sources can easily injury a customer, can catch a napkin or tablecloth on fire, or even cause an entire event to be canceled. For an exposed fire heating source, the best possible outcome for an event, is a pungent odor and decreased life span on chafing dishes. The worst possible outcome is someone being seriously injured. Not to mention before the fuel is lit, someone could mistake the the fuel for a jelly. Consuming a fuel could be deadly. Caterers are used to used to using these types of heating sources, mainly because they do not know there is another, safer option.
A contained heating source, like the EcoHeat System, is exceedingly safer for the caterer, for the catering staff, and the customers! The EcoHeat warmers are placed inside the water pan, out of sight and touch. The best possible outcome while using the EcoHeat warmers, is a perfect event with everyone going home happy! The worst possible outcome, is a perfect event with everyone going home happy!
When choosing a heating source, choose the best and safest heating source on the market, EcoHeat!