How to Improve Inconsistent Heat on Chafing Dishes

Burns, hot spots, crusty cheese, and dry meats- all of these issues can be attributed to inconsistent heat on your catering line. Using products like chafing fuels can definately provide you with a hot dish, but sometimes it’s more of a hassle than it is good.
Some dishes can be sensitive to excessive heats such as; cheeses, pastas, and sauces. If these see to much heat, they will crust and become unpleasant for your guests. Meats will dry out with too much heat, become chewy, and lose their flavor.
This problem can be tough to handle for a busy caterer. The last thing you want is for the delicious for you have prepped to get ruined due to poor presentation.
The guys over at are providing a solution that can deliver just the perfect amount of heating without worry of charring foods due to too much heat.
The simple system they have designed requires no water, and can be retrofitted to fit inside your standard chafing pans. Get rid of the old style chafers and switch to the EcoHeat food warmers today! The safer, more consistent way to keep food warm!!

Graduation Parties: The Month Long Catering Frenzy

It is estimated, 3.5 million high school students and 3.7 million college students will graduate in 2017. Many of these graduates will host a graduation party in the months of May and June. Each party will have a hundred or more friends and family attend the party, and expect to have some sort of food to eat. The food can range from pizza to barbeque. Every weekend from mid-May to mid-June is filled with party after party. With the demand for hundreds to eat, many parties will be catered by a catering company.
Graduation parties kick off the unofficial catering season. Caterers love these type of events because it gives them the opportunity to grab additional business from the party goers. Great food translates into more business in the future. One successful graduation party can lead to 2-5 additional events down the road. I would suggest all caterers advertise and even run specials for these types of events. Be sure to impress the party goers with great food and great service!
I would also suggest boosting advertising at the event by combining the use of the EcoHeat warmers with the fully customizable EcoHeat skirts with your business logo on the skirt. The EcoHeat warmers will provide the perfect heat, while the EcoHeat skirts advertise who is providing the amazing food the party goers are eating!
The EcoHeat warmers combine a fire free heat, easy setup, and easy cleanup. The EcoHeat warmers are the perfect heating source for any type of event, indoor and outdoors! For the first time ever, caterers can now put a skirt on their chafing dishes! Before now, the fire heating sources would catch the skirt on fire, but with the EcoHeat warmers, a skirt is the perfect chafing dish companion! If you are currently not using the EcoHeat system, find out more information at

Advertising at your Event

How many times have you catered an event, and the party-goers have no idea who made the food? This is an issue for many caterers across the country. Without spending thousands for speciality napkins, and banners to hang by the food, no one will know who made the food they are eating! Advertising at an event can be the difference in a thriving business and a business that is barely getting by. A caterer can be the best caterer in the world, but if people do not know about the business, then the business has no chance to be successful.
How can you gain the notoriety your business deserves?
It all starts with identifying your target audience. Yes, a caterer can do events for all types of target audiences, but may I suggest finding the audience which is best suited for your business and grow from there? This will give you the opportunity to gain a large market share for the intended target audience. Once you are comfortable with the amount of market share in your initial target audience, expand to others which your current target audience are associated with. This allows for word of mouth marketing as well as event marketing.
Event marketing can be costly, or it used to be. Before now, caterers had to purchases speciality napkins and plate to advertise. These have been good, but honestly who looks at the napkin before the wipe their hands all over it, not many. As a caterer who uses the EcoHeat system, you can advertise right on every chafing dish at the event. Everyone looks at the food before the event starts while going through the food line, and after to see if it is clear to go back for seconds. This is a cost-effective way to get your name and logo directly in front of your target audience. Not only are these great advertising tools, they dress up the dish, and are reusable! The EcoHeat skirts are a great resource to have in your corner, but combined with the EcoHeat warmer you will impress ever guest at the event.
I live by this simple equation: great food + happy guest = more business down the road
Not only reorders from past customers but orders from past guest!