The Future of Heating.

H&H Heating Sources has revolutionized the way restaurants, hospitals, trains, and caterers are heating their food

Why Heat With Anything Else?

We would like to introduce the Heating Without Fire system. Our EcoHeat warmers provide the safest and most reliable heating source alternative on the market.

No Fire

No more worrying about a potential fire breaking out during your catering event from chafing fuels and gels. Our Heating Without Fire system is eliminating that fear completely.

Quick Set-Up

The current set-up for chafing dishes is long, inconvenient, and costing you money. Our Heating Without Fire system cuts more than half the set-up time in comparison with chafing fuels and gels.

Consistent Heat

Regardless if your catering is indoors or outdoors, you can count on the Heating Without Fire system to deliver the heat necessary for your food to be enjoyed by your guests.


How Do We Do It?

The Heating Without Fire system is made of 3 components: EcoHeat Warmers, Support, and a Customizable Skirt

EcoHeat Warmers

EcoHeat Warmers

The heart of our heating system is our large, high temperature, air activated warmers. EcoHeat warmers are manufactured by Heat Factory® who have 35 years experience of manufacturing air activated warmers.

Heating Without Fire Support System


Using the proprietary support will allow you to get to the maximum temperature and duration of your EcoHeat warmers.


Customizable Skirt

Our patent pending American Made insulated skirt can be customized with your logo, or your customer’s logo. Get your company and your customers’ noticed; it’s a great way to turn chafing dishes into brand ambassadors.

A few reasons to re-think your process

The Darker Side...

By - Glen Hasek

What’s wrong with most fuel gel today is its ingredients. It is typically made from corn-based ethanol, methanol and other additives to help the product burn hotter. Methanol is added to make it too toxic for consumption. Methanol gel is poisonous...

Woman Settle Gel Fuel Lawsuit for $5.375M

By - PCVA Law

As another volunteer tried to re-fill an Ecoflame can, the Ecoflame bottle of gel that she was using for the refill caught fire and exploded. Witnesses described an explosion that resulted in flaming gel shooting out of the bottle, covering Ms. Larson across her torso and neck...

10 People Injured at Catering Event

By - Suzanne Russell

Ten people were injured, including eight who were taken to hospitals, after an incorrect catering event hook up involving butane flashed over in a hotel banquet room...

Who we are!

The Heating Without Fire team is made up of Austin Hale and Logan Hayford. Together, they have developed a safer and more convenient way to keep food at the perfect temperature. We believe Heating Without Fire is the future of heating! 

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We have revolutionized the way restaurants, hospitals, trains, and caterers are heating their food.

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